Hello Everyone and welcome to Foodlovergirl.com!

I am on a mission to find all the amazing food around NYC and everywhere else around the world!

I am a true food lover, born and raised in Japan, and moved to the USA after high school. I live in NYC, and I love everything that NYC can offer, especially the variety and choices of cuisine that are available to us.

One of the joy of living is exploring new, different, and awesome food… And I do love trying out new food and restaurant. But it is not always easy to find the that amazing spot, or amazing dish from any particular restaurant. I love to know what real people, the customers, thought of the food and experience at a restaurant, instead of just reading about a restaurant or their menu on their website. Just because a restaurant is fancy and expensive doesn’t always mean that you will have amazing food. And just because a place look nothing fancy, and have less expensive price doesn’t mean their food is horrible.  I want to share my thoughts and experience of a place and food from customer point of view to you.

I love walking around the city, creating art, traveling, and playing tennis. I enjoy making obento for my loving and super amazing husband, so he can have a cute, nutritious, and delicious lunch every day. I am a global marketing manager, and do extensive research on market analysis.  On my spare time, I do extensive research on food so that I can share them with you.

You can also find me on Foodspotting.com – “FoodLoverGirl”

I hope that my findings can help someone out there to find a great spot or dish to try. Let’s enjoy life with yummy food!

“There is No Sincerer Love than the Love of Food” – George Bernard Shaw

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  1. Hi there, i am working on a story for the FT – How To Spend It on Tokyo’s best restaurants.

    We would love to see if you have anymore pictures on Robataya at all?

    If you could let me know as possible i would be so grateful.
    Many Thanks

  2. Thanks for your review of Burger Heights today. Please note that we opened a second, much larger location at 79 Audubon Ave (at 169th Street) in November which offers a much more comfortable eat-in experience. Has seating for approximately 40 and sells beer as well. Would love for you to check it out at some point. If you come by, ask for my partner, Ramon Pallone, who overseas operations and is generally based there. Note also that both locations offer free delivery within about a 10 block radius for orders that come through our phone app or website. We’re running a 10% off special on people’s next online order. They just need to enter coupon code “SummerSavings”.

    1. Hello Michael,

      Thank you for the information, and congratulations on your success! Wishing you a continued success, as we really enjoyed your food and shakes. We would definitely go visit your second location in a near future!

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