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When I want some “interesting” sushi, not the authentic kind, I venture out to non-Japanese sushi restaurant. Non-authentic, “exotic” (to me) kinds of sushi can be pretty good, if you find a restaurant with talented sushi chef. I found an interesting sushi restaurant in MA, with a few awards including “Best Sushi Restaurant” in the area.


The inside was much smaller than it seemed from the outside, with just a few table seating and a bar counter seats. Simple furniture with minimum Asian accent decorations, and bamboo shades on the windows.


But when we sat at one of the tables by the entrance, I could see that there was another counter seats all the way back, which was a sushi bar. And, across from the sushi bar was another dining area with more table seating. It still was a bit small size restaurant, or you could call it “cozy.”

IMG_3031 IMG_3033

We quickly moved to checking out their sushi menu, and they certainly did have many interesting and unique rolls. We ordered Godzilla ($12), Angel Maki ($14), and Sushi Sandwich ($16)


The Godzilla come with spicy tuna, banana tempura, topped with spicy mayo, tobiko, scallion and eel sauce. Yes it is a mouthful ingredients, and was mouthful to eat one. I have never seen “banana tempura” used as sushi ingredient, I was curious and though, why not give it a try? The result was very interesting, the banana was lightly fried, not greasy or mushy, and I liked the added fruity flavor and texture to the sushi. It brought down the spiciness of the tuna and spicy mayo, and worked pretty well together to my surprise.


The Angel Maki comes with lobster tail tempura, sweet potato, topped with crab stick and tobiko. This roll does not have a single row ingredients, so it is all cooked. Didn’t really get the lobster flavor much, but the tempura added that crunchy texture, and imitation crab was a nice added flavor. What I liked the most was the sweet potato. It certainly gave that extra flavor that was very noticeable, and was very tasty. I wish if the lobster had a bigger part in this roll.


The Sushi Sandwich, which we were very interested in from the name of it, come with layered tuna, salmon, sushi rice and seaweed with wasabi miso sauce. I didn’t get any “wasabi miso sauce” flavor in here, but the rest was really great. No wonder it comes with the high price tag, but you get your money’s worth with the amount of tuna and salmon you get in here. It was really great, tasty, and satisfying! And as you can see, they are not so much “roll” but the layered “sandwich” of all the ingredients. I don’t think I have seen this type of sushi before, I was very happy we ordered this one.


And for non-sushi lovers, they do offer other dishes, such as Ginger Chicken ($19). It comes with tender filet of chicken breast breaded and fried with BABA ginger sauce, served with stir fried vegetables and Japanese jasmine rice. It was thin but large filet of chicken, lightly fried. It didn’t have much flavor on its own, the ginger sauce that came with it was necessary to enhance the flavor of the chicken. But, I have to say, it is a “sushi restaurant” so if you want to order something other than sushi, it might not be as great as the sushi that they offer…


Overall, we were happy with the sushi, it was fresh, tasty, and interesting. The service was fast and efficient. They have many other interesting and unique sushi here, I would love to try some more in the future. So, if you are craving some sushi rolls that are unique, or just good old american rolls such as California Rolls and Alaskan Rolls, give this place a try!

Baba Sushi – 309 Park Ave Worcester, MA 01609

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