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I am not a serious coffee drinker, but I like lattes and cappuccino and any other coffee creation every now and then. Especially if that place have good donuts. Then I am all in. I recently found one of those spots, Birch Coffee, with yummy looking doughnuts.


They had me with their super cute chalkboard sign at the front of their door. They loved me before they even met me! I had to see if the feeling was mutual…

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I liked the interior immediately, with simple but yet warm atmosphere, and some industrial feel to it as well. We got there pretty early on the weekend, so it was almost empty. It got busy about the time we left though. Had large windows on the street side, lighting up the entire space with natural lights.

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It had a nice, large table in the middle, with counter seats around the room. It had another section on the other side. This are had just a handful of smaller tables and chairs. If you don’t want to sit at the counter or share the long communal table, you can sit in this area.

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Right by this room was the most beautiful nook I have ever seen in a coffee shop. It had chandelier, long table, and lots of books on the bookshelves. It also had large window on the brick wall, which allowed lots of natural lights to come in. I assume all the books were donated, it had all kinds from children’s books, travel books, some suspense, mystery, romance…they had it covered. Of course we sat in this beautiful, cozy, relaxing space.

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They offer good varieties of basic coffee, from espresso, cortado, cappuccino, latte, etc. One interesting item on the menu was Kyoto Drip. We asked the staff what that was, and he explained it in detail for us. It sounded really awesome, and they have a special drip equipment just for this coffee, and of course, it was broken on that day… So, we ordered different ones off the menu, Espresso on Ice ($3.50) and Flat White ($3.75). Both of them were pretty good, I liked the flavors. It was smooth and good quality.

IMG_4377 IMG_4374

And of course we got some doughnuts. They had some muffins and doughnuts, all provided by Dough, who offers their handmade doughnuts with unique flavors, all made with love and care. We bought Cinnamon Sugar ($3.75) and Plain Glazed ($3.75). It is a bit pricey for donuts, but yet the size makes up for it. They are pretty large.

IMG_4383 IMG_4382

The Glazed one was really awesome, with glaze hugging the soft, moist doughnut, really tasty! The Cinnamon Sugar one was great as well, you really get to appreciate the doughnut itself, how light and airy it is, but yet moist and decadent. It was filling and oh-so-satisfying.

IMG_4380 IMG_4378

They have one large restroom, and they had interesting item in there. An old locker! It had toilet rolls and whatever else in it. They certain have unique design to their interior. The bathroom was clean, provided it was not very busy just yet.


It was a nice, relaxing morning coffee time (or more like doughnuts time), I really enjoyed the experience at Birch Coffee. The coffee was good, doughnuts were amazing, and the staffs were friendly and helpful. I would love to visit this location again and sit at the library room for another peaceful moments…

Birch Coffee – 21 E 27th Street, New York, NY 10016

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