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If you love mustard, and I mean, REALLY love mustard with high class, then head over to the only mustard boutique with mustard sommelier (yes, really) in NYC! They offer a wide-range of flavors in jars and even more, pour mustard on tap, “filled by hand” by the sommelier in stoneware jars. The first purchase of the tap mustard costs more, as you are also paying for the stoneware jar, but from the second time, you only pay for the cost of the mustard of your choice.

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Even more amazing, they had several mustard jars on the counter next to the tap for customer to try, so that you can taste them before you buy it. They have so many flavors that I didn’t even think they go with mustard, like apricot and curry spice, candied orange peel and ginger, and fig and coriander. Ok, so maybe I don’t think mustard and fruits don’t go together… until of course, I taste them, and then I was in for a pleasant surprise! They all tasted amazing, without it being too loud of one flavor but all ingredients working in perfect harmony. They also offer more luxurious flavor like celeriac and black truffle (amazing!), saffron and isigny sur mer Crème Fraîche, gingerbread and chestnut honey. They also have vinegars, oils, dressing, and gherkins. If you prefer even more fancy style, you can purchase their specialty mustard spoons that kind of look like one of those honey dipper.

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We bought pesto and arugula mustard with white wine, it has strong, spicy flavor that is smooth.  It is amazing for cooking, or just add it to your sandwich to give it a whole new dimention! They also recommend using this on baked potato, or add to pizza dough before baking (how intriguing!).  We also bought five-mustard-sampler box as a gift for my mother-in-law here, and it was very much appreciated. She was really excited to try them, so we decided to make some deli sandwich with one of the mustard selection. We chose sun-dried tomato and espelette pepper, and it was superb, it certainly added that extra savory note to the sandwich. This one will be great for omelet and cheese.


The store is very clean and neat, easy to look/walk around to find your perfect mustard for your home or a gift for someone else’s home. The staff (or I should say the sommeliers) are kind and knowledgeable, I heard they have to be trained to be a mustard sommelier. They are there to assist you if you have any question, but I didn’t feel like they were constantly pursuing and pressuring us to make a purchase. Will definitely go back to get some more awesome mustard!


Boutique Maille New York – 185 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

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