Café Buunni

Café Buunni is a coffee, tea, espresso bar, also serving smoothies, frappes, and some baked goods. There are not many coffee shops around this area, so it seems to be popular. Inside is rather small, has just one big table for people to share, and a small bench by the window, and counter with seating on the wall. When you enter, you have to walk between the table and counter seats to get to the register to order.  The space is narrow with that big table, so when there are people sitting at the table, there is no more space left, so you can’t sit at the counter seats, otherwise, people can’t get to the register… It is nice to have a big table, but maybe they should consider a bit skinnier table so that the counter seats can be utilized, and more customer can sit and enjoy their coffee.

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They make the coffee right by the register counter, and the baked goods are also right there by the register. I heard they like to use environmentally friendly items, including paper & plastic cups and straws, so some people don’t really like that quality of the plastic cups and such, but I think they are making the choice of cups they use for a good reason, so people should appreciate it and deal with more frumpy cups and whatnot…

We ordered Cafe Latte and Cappuccino, both medium size, for $4.20 each. The cup was kind of small size, but it was good, quality coffee, I say it was worth the price.  They were strong, but yet smooth, very good cup of coffee. I believe they use Ethiopian coffee beans.

We also ordered Almond Croissant and Chocolate Croissant, $3.15 each. Almond Croissant was huge, and had this sweet filling in it, it was really delicious. I am a big fan of almond croissant to begin with, so I was very happy that they had it. The sweet filling was a good surprise, and the outside was flaky and tasty as well. The Chocolate Croissant was smaller, but it was still good, had enough chocolate bits in there, they both disappeared quickly.

Even though the counter seats were available, there was not any space for us the sit, so we had to go outside and find a bench. It was good that the outside was a nice weather.

The cashier was not friendly, didn’t get a smile or “hello,” “welcome” or even a simple “thank you” for our purchase. They had a sine on the register about some loyalty program that they offer, but after receiving the bad attitude from her, we lost interest…

The girls making the coffee was nice, but I don’t think this place will be our favorite cafe in this area. Sadly, bad service can almost ruin a good cup of coffee… It is a really cute spot though, if they can work on the better service, it would be a really great cafe for sure!

Café Buunni – 213 Pinehurst Ave, New York, NY 10033

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