Café Sabarsky

I finally got to visit one of the dessert spots I have been eyeing on for a while, Café Sabarsky. It is located inside the Neue Galerie as their café, and named after the co-founder of Neue Galerie. We have actually haven’t had the opportunity to look inside the German and Austrian Art museum…we will have to do that for sure in the near future. And since this Viennese cafés is inside the museum, it comes with incredible artistic interior.

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There is a staff at the door, since there usually is a line out the door to get in to Neue Galerie. And especially not everyone is going to see the arts, but only to the café, he managed the number of people going in to each one. For the ones going into the museum will go straight to the desk to pay admission. The ones going to the café will go to the right, towards the golden sign and another line…for the café only this time. Once the table was available, a staff took us to the table.

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The inside is a one big room with tall ceiling. The floor and walls were covered with dark wood, topped with beautiful crown molding. They had large windows from floor to ceiling, bringing in lots of natural lights.

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They had a big marble fireplace on one wall, I don’t think it is in working condition, but still was very impressive. On the other side of the wall was a bar, next to their kitchen. They offer more than just coffee and desserts, such as sandwiches & savory dishes, wine, and sekt.

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Since we were there just for their desserts, that was no issue. We sat at one of their marble tables, and admired their fantastic dessert menu. It was not easy to decide which one to order. Some of the desserts are on display on their marble counter, so you can walk over to check them out before making your decision.

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But, on the other hand, the space between the marble counter and tables are kind of narrow, and with this place being very popular, people are constantly walking around here when they come in or when they are leaving. So, we didn’t get to look at them (we had to move out of everyone’s way).


So, we made our decisions based on descriptions, and again, everything sounded so tasty… We finally decided on Feuilletine ($9.50) and Topfentorte ($9.50). Most of the desserts were priced at $9.50. Feuilletine is a chocolate hazelnut mousse cake, and had a little edible gold flake on top. The mousse was so creamy and velvety, melt in your mouth! It had a really great hazelnut flavor, and the crunchy chocolate thing on the top was really nice too. The bottom was like a pie crust, but rich and chocolaty. It was totally worth every penny!

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Topfentorte is a quark cheese cake with seasonal fruits. Ours had blueberries, raspberry, and strawberry. It was a thin slice, but it was amazingly tasty. Decadent and creamy, it was great from the first bite to the last. The berries were all very fresh, and complimented the cheese cake. Yes I wish if there were more of it… I mean, it is a pretty thin slice, right? The quality was very high, it certainly was amazing.

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We also ordered some coffee to go with our desserts. We ordered Kaiser Mélange ($7) and Einspänner ($7). I always thought a cup of coffee with whipped cream was fancy. I just didn’t know how fancy they will make their coffee to be. They both came with mountains of whipped cream, which was awesome! Kaiser Mélange is a cup of fresh-ground coffee with whipped cream. It also had a dash of cinnamon on the top. It was really nice, like having a dessert with a dessert drink.

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Einspänner is a double espresso with whipped cream, and served in a glass instead of a cup. I could see a beautiful gradation of colors through the glass, really nice. I can see the reason for the high price tag for these coffee, they are almost an art form with that whipped cream… The cream also calmed down the strong espresso, making it a bit milder and easier to drink.

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The service was nice and efficient, our waitress was nice and friendly. The ambiance was really nice, it was like dining in a room full of artistic history. It was constantly busy the whole time we were there, and very lively. I would love to go back again for more desserts, and also for their food items during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you are looking for a beautiful desserts and drinks that are also super delicious, look no further… Just try to avoid their rush hours.

Café Sabarsky – 1048 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028

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