Caffè Storico #2

This is my second reivew of Caffè Storico. My first review can be found at:

After checking out this beautiful restaurant a few month ago, I decided to use this venue for a special event. They made the process very easy. They sent couple of menu to choose from, and they created the menu for the event. The price, selection of menu and wines were great. Even with the “event fee” and such, I still felt it was reasonable for the location, beautiful interior, and the quality of food and service.

Antipasti: Ricotta Crostini, Pork Belly, Braised Artichokes, Misticanza Salad. Ricotta Crostini came with truffle honey and peaches. It was very tasty and delicious! The truffle and honey had great flavor, and peaches were just perfect. Really exquisite! It was made thin so that you can actually enjoy the crunchiness without trying so hard to bite it off. Pork Belly came with treviso and scallion. It was cooked perfectly. Juicy, soft, and super delicious. Braised Artichokes came with pickles carrots and 6 minute egg. The pickled carrots had very strong taste, I was not a big fan… but those who likes pickles, I think this would’ve been a great dish. Misticanza Salad was huge. I mean, HUGE. Mixed herbs, cherry tomatoes, and ricotta salata. It was very fresh, simple but yet refreshing.

CS 00 CS 08


Primi: Rigatoni, Mushroom Cappelletti en Brodo. Rigatoni came with sausage and bolognese, and it was a bit salty, which reminded me of my first visit here ( I think they tend to over season some pasta dishes here, which is disappointing, since I don’t like a dish that too strong salt taste.  Otherwise, it would’ve been a delicious dish. Mushroom Cappelletti en Brodo came with pecorino and leeks. It was interesting, a bit too salty again, but otherwise, good dish.

CS 02 CS 03

Secondi: Roasted Organic Chicken, Grilled Branzino. Chicken came with roman gnocchi, roasted mushrooms and marsala. The chicken pieces were huge, and after having antiasti and primi, it was too big to eat… but, very tasty, juicy, excellent chicken. The sauce was really great too.  Branzino came with preserved lemon gremolata and fingerling potatoes. The fish was big too, and very tasty. Perfectly cooked, juicy, flaky, and the potatoes were great too. It was all so delicious!


Dolci: Housemade Gelati/Sorbetti, Chocolate Pudding. Gelati was chocolate, and very smooth, rich, super delicious. Sorbetti was a berry flavor, it was so creamy, sweet but not overly sweet. Bread Pudding came with cinnamon ice cream and bourbon caramel. It was rather large, warm, and moist, and very filling.  Dense and rick, and very tasty. Cinnamon ice cream had a very nice flavor as well.

CS 01 CS 10

Overall, it was all high quality, well produced, beautifully plated, and everyone was happy with the meal. The service was nice as well, polite, kind, professional. We didn’t have any complaints. The event was successful, and we now have a happy memories we share together.

If you are in need of a place to have a fabulous dinner, where they offer great food and service, this is a great choice. They are beautifully decorated, great location right by Central Park, and service is pretty good also. What more can you ask for?

Caffè Storico – 170 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10024

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