Caffè Storico #3

This is my third review of Caffè Storico. (You can see my previous reviews at:  &

So as you can see, I like going to this restaurant for 2 reasons. Beautiful restaurant with good food, and the fact that it is inside a beautiful museum. I enjoy art, creating and seeing, so we were going to the New-York Historical Society for some interesting art exhibit, one in particular – Superheros in Gotham, and we decided to also dine here at Caffè Storico once again.

We started off with the complimentary bread, and they had nice, soft, rich bread and interesting small pretzel looking ones, a bit salty, similar to sugar cookie texture. Regardless what it is called, it was really good. Their olive oil is high quality, it always makes the bread taste even better.

Storico 10

For the main course, we ordered Risotto ($16) and Lamb Lasagna ($18). The Risotto came with guanciale & green beans. It was really delicious. It was not a big portion, but yet it was comfortably filling. The guanciale (pork) had really great flavor, and green beans were cooked just right. It was creamy, rich, warm you up from the inside. The Lamb Lasagna came with broccoli rabe & arrabbiata, and when it first came to the table, I was really surprised of the small portion. But here, the quality spoke really loud, it was super delicious! Everything was just done so right, soft, moist, dense, it actually filled me up, not too much but just so nicely. The arrabiata sauce had just a little kick to it, but not too much, and pasta was cooked to perfection. If you just looked at the size, you might think it does not worth $18, but after one bite, you might change your mind. Both dishes were really excellent.

Storico 01 Storico 02

After the main dishes, we decided to have some tea and desserts. We ordered Spiced Plum ($3.50) and Earl Grey ($3.50). And when they arrived to our table, I was surprised to see the tag on the tea bag, they were tea from Harney & Sons! This is one of my very favorite brand when it comes to tea (you can read my review of Harney & Sons at:

Storico 03 Storico 05

Good thing about not getting stuffed is that you will have room for desserts! We got Coffee Cake ($9) and Banana Tartufo ($9). The Coffee came was different shape from expected, came with dulce de leche and vanilla gelato. It had nice flavor, light and airy, and rich and creamy caramel sauce, and the vanilla gelato was high quality. It all went very good together. It was not super amazing, but it was good.

Storico 09

Not, the Banana Tartufo, it was really awesome! It was nice big size, much bigger that we thought it would be, and it was coated with peanut brittle and chocolate. The amazing thing was, it had chunks of bananas in it, which made the flavor of the ice cream even more spectacular. And the chunks of peanuts and chocolate of course went perfect with the banana ice cream. We could not get enough of this!

Storico 08 Storico 07

At the end, we had another great experience at Caffè Storico. It is always great when you can get a great food experience while enjoying something else like an art exhibit (or in this case, superhero exhibit). I also enjoy the fact that they change their menu slightly every so often, so every time you visit, there is something new on the menu. So go head over to the New York Historical Society for some cultural experience, and then stop by Caffè Storico for some culinary experience to finish it off!

Caffè Storico – 170 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10024

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