Cheryl’s Global Soul

One thing I look forward to on weekends (other than fun plans and a little R&R) is the brunch. I feel that the brunch time brings such a nice, relaxing time to have a good breakfast items from nice restaurants. Thinking about brunch makes me smile for some reason. It is such warm, cozy feeling, most likely because I usually have brunch with the loved ones over comfort food, chatting and laughing, and the time passes at slower pace.

On one weekend, we went to Brooklyn, and found this spot that had nice brunch menu, called Cheryl’s Global Soul. The exterior really didn’t look much, nothing so special about it, but there really were not many choices for brunch in that area. But important thing is never to judge a book by its cover.

Cheryl 01

As soon as we walked in, I really liked the warm energy, and felt very homey and cozy. One side had wood panes from ceiling to the floor, and the other side had bricks that was painted in white. It was not large in space, and with tables placed side by side, it can get pretty packed and crowded. It had a small bar area on the back, with old-fashion style bar stools for extra seating.

Cheryl 06 Cheryl 04

The focal point (to me) was this large, cute, antique-looking painting of Dumbo. How cute is this guy? They had another cool wall painting inside the bathroom, the wall was painted with very vivid, colorful paints, illuminated by some string lights.

Cheryl 05 Cheryl 07

On their brunch menu, they offered eggs, french toast, pancakes, quiche, etc.. Most of the usual items you can find at most restaurants. What was great about Cheryl’s was that their brunch pre-fixe came with a choice of tea of coffee, and a choice of Mimosa or Bloody Mary. Great, right? So we both got a cup of coffee. Their coffee is organic and fair trade, grown by Irving Farms. Very good, strong coffee, sure to wake you up with that nice aroma.

Cheryl 10

As for “drinks” we got Mimosa and Bloody Mary. The Mimosa was good, more orange juice than bubbly, but good, solid Mimosa. The Bloody Mary was really good, I am not a big fan of Bloody Mary, but this one was pretty good. It had nice spice, without being over powering.

Cheryl 13 Cheryl 14 Cheryl 15

For the food, we both ordered Poached Eggs over Salmon Hash ($15) which came with hollandaise sauce and seven grain toast. Mind you, the $15 includes the coffee and a drink. It was a pretty nice, big portion, generous amount of salmon hash, and the toasts were pretty good too. The poached eggs were really egg porn, and the sauce had nice flavor. I usually prefer smoked salmon over cooked salmon when it comes to eggs benedict, but this one was pretty nice, and it was NOT a benedict dish anyways. Similar, but not the same, so I still enjoyed the salmon hash. It was not too salty, just the right amount of seasoning. It certainly filled me up and then some.

Cheryl 12

It got pretty busy while we were there, as it is a small space. When we were leaving, there were few people waiting for their tables. Seeing that, we were glad to get there shortly after they opened. The service was good and friendly, not super efficient, but it is the weekend, we should all be taking extra time during the brunch without rushing in and out too much. The food was not the best I’ve had, but it was good comfort food, and with coffee and a drink, it is a pretty good deal, especially considering the size of the food. Their pancakes looked pretty nice, I would try them again if I am in the area in the future.

Cheryl’s Global Soul – 236 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238

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