CHOCnyc #2

This is the second review of this sweet spot (you can read my first review here:, we had to go back get some more sweet goodness. This time, I was going for their eclairs. They looked glittery gold sweet jewel in the refrigerated show window.


We chose Pistachio and Chocolate Éclair ($3.75/each) to go so that we can have them at home.

img_3194 img_3197

They are pretty nice size, and we were excited to taste them both. We started off with the Pistachio. It had the Pistachio coating on the top with a piece of pistachio, and creamy pistachio filling in the inside. It didn’t have much filling though, not as much as I wanted it to be. It was more like 90% puff pastry and 10% filling… The cream was tasty, so I really wished if it had more of it.

img_3195 img_3196

The chocolate one had chocolate coating on the top, with vanilla cream filling, which was kind of unexpected. I thought it would have chocolate cream filling… Anyways, this one had a really good amount of filling, unlike the pistachio, and was pretty great. If the pistachio one had this much filling, I would have loved it!


While we were at the store, we actually had one small dessert to share as well. We chose Blueberry Yogurt – mini ($7.50). It was kind of like a cheesecake with blueberries on top. It also had coconut shavings all around it.

img_3188 img_3189

It was “mini” alright, but with its density and richness, it was a bit heavy. with it having yogurt cream (?) all around it, I thought it was a piece of rare cheesecake time, but when I cut them in half, I discovered it had sponge cake in the middle. This made the cake a bit lighter both in volume and density. The blueberries were fresh and were coated with gelatin glaze, making it shiny and sparkling. The cream was very tasty, and sponge cake was really nice too. I do feel it was a bit pricey for the size, but the quality was very high.

img_3190 img_3192

We had kind of hit and miss this time, but such is life.  Still, everything tasted great and we probably will go back again in a near future for some more sweet treats.

CHOCnyc – 4996 Broadway, New York, NY 10034

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