Cinnamon Snail @ Pennsy #2

I have been a fan of Cinnamon Snail for a while now. Even though I am not vegetarian or vegan, I know good food when I see it (more like when I taste it). I visited them when they only had operations out of a food truck, and then when they opened up a permanent spot at the Pennsy. (You can read more about them on my first blog about them here: I took my mother there during Thanksgiving season so that she can try their delicious vegan food.

As I mentioned in my first blog, they make their vegan donuts fresh daily, so the kinds of donuts available changes every day. They have sooooo many yummy looking donuts just sitting there, staring at you with those adorable puppy dog eyes, asking you to pick them up…and you just don’t know which one to choose! Ugh, the agony…

At the end, no we could not choose just one, so we chose two. We went with Cranberry Cider ($2.25) and Pistachio Cardamom ($2.25). They are both cake donuts. Oh wait, they are both vegan donuts, if you can believe it. They are so fluffy, moist, tasty that most vegans don’t believe they are vegan!

I do not know their secrets, but I love how we can enjoy these little sweets with less guilt. It is so delicious, and healthier than regular donuts. The cranberry cider one had a really nice cranberry flavor, perfect for the Thanksgiving season. Different from regular apple cider donuts, it was nice and sweet but had a good tang to it. The pistachio was really nice too, with lots of pistachio bits all over it. My mother really liked them both, we finished them off with no issue.

After having desserts first (the best way to eat a meal, really), we started on our sandwiches. They had a special menu for the Thanksgiving season, a Thanksgiving Sandoo ($11.25), so we of course went with that one. We also got a Miso Teriyaki Grilled Tofu ($10.10).

Thanksgiving Sandoo is made with porcini mushroom seitan and parsnip sage bread pudding, with cranberry orange relish, marinated kale and roasted garlic aioli, on a toasted baguette. This thing was huge! It was more than enough, so I took about a half of it home for my hubby so that he could also try the special sandwich as well. This did not really taste like a normal, say, leftover sandwich make with turkey, stuffing, and other items from Thanksgiving dinner. It was its own interesting creation, very fresh and tasty. Kale was so plump and fresh as if it just came in from a backyard garden. The flavors were unique, the only thing that made me feel like Thanksgiving was the cranberry. If you are looking for some sort of turkey sandwich flavor, this can not give you that. But, if you are looking for a fresh, tasty, huge sandwich, then this is it.

Miso Teriyaki Grilled Tofu is made with Chinese five spice roasted Brussels sprouts, black sesame gomashio, arugula and wasabi mayo on a toasted pretzel bun. First of all, who doesn’t love those adorable pretzel buns? They are so tasty! I took a bite without really reading the description, so the bite surprised me with a good amount of spicy-ness that came immediately after. I love spicy food, so that was a good surprise, and it was not a little kick, but a pretty good kick to it. It makes sense with wasabi mayo. It was tasty, filling, comforting, and great flavor. Grilled tofu was coated with miso teriyaki, and went great with the rest of the ingredients. It was one great sandwich.

The staffs at the Cinnamon Snail were friendly and very efficient, they kept the line moving. The staffs at the Pennsy were nice and kept the whole place clean. As soon as someone leaves, they immediately clean up the table so that other customers who are looking for a table can sit there without waiting. Great spot to go for a good food, especially if you choose Cinnamon Snail. My mother enjoyed her very first vegan meal, just as I expected. I will return again, no doubt, and bring more people to the joy of Cinnamon Snail vegan food!

Cinnamon Snail – 2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10121

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