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As we were exploring the Disney Springs in Orlando, FL, we found a big Coca Cola store. From my years living in GA, I gained love for Coca Cola and their products. I find the back ground story of Dr. Pemberton, the founder of Coca Cola. And who doesn’t love their adorable polar bears? The entrance was quite grand, with light fixture with floating bubbles, inviting people to imagine the moment you pop open a Coca Cola, with that nice fizzy bubbles rising up. They had a safari under neath the lighting, all animals made out of cans of Coca Cola. Pretty cool!

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It was really huge, and two stories full of merchandise. They had cool items from other countries, which was really nice to see. They also had super cute Coca Cola bottles in all sorts of designs. You can pick the ones you want, create your own 6-pack to take home.

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And of course, don’t forget the cheerful, fluffy, cuddly polar bears! They had everything from plates, pillows, T-shirts, salt & pepper shaker, bags…you name it they had it. They brought back Warm memories from when I used to live in GA. The store was really lots of fun.

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The the real fun part starts on the top floor. The third floor is an exclusive rooftop beverage bar, overlooking the sights of Disney Springs. Here, you can enjoying lots of Coca-Cola brands from around the world, like Beverly from Italy and Thums Up from India. It was such a cool concept, with pretty nice view.

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There were good amounts of seats, not a lot, but since everyone just having drinks, the turnover was fast enough. First, we got lined up for the ordering counter, and the menu is lit up behind the counter. The staffs here were ok, seemed tired of dealing with so many people by the end of the night. The young male staff behind the counter who took our order was not very friendly nor helpful. But the guy who made our order was nice enough.

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They offer fountain beverages, cans and bottles, floats, Icee, and even coffee and energy drinks. We saw many people getting a sample tray of 16 different drinks, called the Coke around the World Sample.  We didn’t want to get that much soda between the two of us (waaaay too much sugar). After looking at all the options, we wanted to get a different sample, Float Tray ($10). This one comes with 8 floats, the flavors are pre-selected already.

img_8390 img_8389

The flavors are: Cherry Coke Float, Fanta Grape Float, Sprite Float, Coca Cola Float, Pibb Xtra Float, Barq’s Rootbeer Float, Barq’s Red Crème Float, and Fanta Orange Float. They were not large cups, somewhere between small and medium size. And some of the cups were filled only half way, but it was still a lot of soda. Each one got a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I think $10 was a great deal for the amount of floats that we received.

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It was good on a warm and humid night, but that was too much sugar for sure. We finished all the ice cream, but didn’t finish all the soda. Gotta think about our health before our taste buds, right? It was a fun experience, and the staffs inside store on the first and second stores were really nice and welcoming. Great place to go and try Coca Cola brand soda from all around the world, or some ice-cold floats on a muggy day or night!

Coca Cola Store – 1506 Buena Vista Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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