Colorado Sports Bar & Grill @ Denver Airport

If you have ever tasted food at any airport, outside of the lounge, then you most likely know NOT to expect too much of quality food. Yes, quality food is hard to find at airport. At Denver International Airport, it is no exception. I wanted a quick breakfast item, something more than just muffin or bagel this time.

I spotted this spot, with lots of seating and with breakfast menu, so I decided to give it a shot. Since it was still early in the morning, not many people were there.


They had bar counter with some TV screens for sports enthusiasts, and many table seating. I am sure when an airport gets busy, they will get filled up, as they are not that many options at the airport. We were quickly greeted by a server, and we asked for coffee ($1.95)to start off with.

IMG_3172 IMG_3173

When the server came back with our coffee, I was a bit surprised to see our coffee in a small paper cup. Since we were dining in, I just imagined they will serve the coffee in a mug. Regardless, it was a coffee, super hot, regular coffee, nothing special. Since they didn’t have any creamer or anything at the table, (and the server didn’t ask if we needed anything with our coffee) I had to ask for a milk.

We ordered Denver Omelet since were at the Denver Airport ($8.50), which comes with eggs, ham, onion and green peppers. You can choose the cheese, I went with American Cheese. It also comes with breakfast potatoes and choice of toast. And guess what, it came on a plastic plate. At this point, I understood that they don’t do real mugs or plates. The omelet was ok, lots of cheese and green peppers, and didn’t really see much ham. The potatoes were ok, kind of dried and not so tasty. It was not something I would happily pay $8.50 for, but that is what you get at airport… Limited options, not great quality food, and high price (for the quality).

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I will continue to look for a great food at airports, but other than the lounges that I visited (You can read my blog here: , so far, not much luck just yet.

Colorado Sports Bar & Grill – 8400 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249



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