C&P Galley – The Lobster Place

There are several eatery places inside the Chelsea Market, and they do have good selections, fresh, and tasty.  C&P Galley is a quick service seafood joint, run by Cull & Pistol restaurant (right by it, offering sushi, oysters, etc.). They offer traditional clam shack fare including lobster rolls, Po’Boy, crab cake sandwiches and New England clam chowder. They have a big chalkboard menu right next to the order counter, and between the order counter and pick up counter is a soup section where you can chose the kind of soup (and serve) on your own.

Lobster 3 Lobster 4

They are most popular for their lobster roll, so we got one roll ($16.95) which comes with fresh claw and tail meat, celery, scallions, lemon & mayo, on a grilled top split bun, and a bag of chips & pickles.  After you order, you go over the pick up section and wait for your number (on your receipt) to be called.

Lobster 1 Lobster 2

They do give you are nice generous amount of lobster. It is a not a big lobster roll, but I think the price is fare when they give you this much of lobster meat. It was fresh and well seasoned, without overpowering the flavor of lobster itself. It was plump, meaty, refreshing, and packed with awesomeness.

The staff is efficient and quick, no complaints. The area itself is not spacious, so if you go there during packed time (like weekend lunch/dinner time), you have to be careful where to stand with all other people looking around the seafood merchandise, and pay close attention to the pick up counter staff so that you don’t miss your number being called.

C&P Galley – Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue

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