Croque Madame @ JFK

Another trip out of JFK, and another hunt for, well, decent food. With all the money they spend on airports, why can’t they have more decent eateries at airports??? Unfortunately, If you don’t have access to one of those fancy lounges, we are stuck with not-so-great food. One thing they have is the convenience of ordering and paying for the food for some places. On this day, I was looking for breakfast, and Croque Madame sounded good. I sat at one of the counter seats with iPad attached, that allows you to order your food and drinks from.

Since it was a bit chilly, I ordered Earl Grey Supreme ($3). It had options like milk, honey, and lemon. They even had an option for soy milk with additional $0.50. I picked honey, whole milk and lemon, without thinking about it. The tea came in a large paper cup, with lemon wedges in it. Since it is unusual to have Lemon and milk in a tea (I was obviously still half-asleep), the waitress only put the lemon and honey in the tea, and brought the milk on the side. I thought that was very nice and considerate. I think this was the first time I had a server who was friendly and sweet at JFK…

For food, I chose Croque Madame Crêpe ($13.50). It is made with thin wheat crêpe, country ham, gruyère cheese and topped with a fried organic egg. It had an option  of side salad or fruits, and I chose fruits.

It might not look it, but the crêpe was huge! The egg was cooked perfectly, giving me nice egg porn. The dish actually looked like their photo, which is really rare. When I cut up the crêpe, I was very happy to see it was packed with loads of ham.

It had nice layer of crêpe, ham, and cheese. They were fresh and tasty. The only thing was the cheese being rather hard. I wanted the cheese to be more gooey from melting. Other than that, I actually liked it. The fruits were also nice, ripe and sweet.


Once you are done with food and drink, you can close the tab on the iPhone and pay with credit card. There is a credit card swipe machine right next to the iPhone for your convenience. After that, you get the receipt in the email, and you are good to go.

I was full and satisfied, I actually so full that I couldn’t finish the whole dish. Since I had very low expectation, I was very happy with the result. It wasn’t amazing, but it was certainly much better than I thought it would be. And the server was polite and nice, which is always a plus. So, next time you are at JFK, terminal 2, looking for breakfast, you might want to give this spot a try.


Croque Madame – John F Kennedy International Airport, Terminal 2

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