Custom Burger @ Newark Airport

It is always a challenge to find a good food at airports. You walk around, looking for a tasty looking photo, or smell, or where crowds are lined up to get whatever they are lined up for. At Newark Airport, it seems like the option is limited, or maybe that can be said at most airports… Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This one, I lost.

I found myself in this exact situation at Terminal C, found food court, and after looking at some options, decided on Customs Burger. It sounded good, and I was in a mood for a burger and some fries. And, come on, how hard is it to make a decent burger, right?

CB 01 CB 04

They have a cool logo, and cool concept. There are few touch screens by the cashier, and you order from the touch screen, you can order burgers, sides, drinks, or create your own burger right here. And let me tell you, the burgers (and sides) looked really great on that screen! Naturally, I was excited to get my burger, it will be the perfect lunch before my flight. Or so I thought.

CB 05  

After you finish putting in the order, you move over to the cashier line, pay, and wait for your food. Right behind the cashier is where they make the burgers and all, and it did not look so nice… The griddle was dirty and burnt, and the guy who was making the patties didn’t really give any care or love to the patties.

I ordered a burger called Slippery Jack, and made it into combo ($13.25). The Slippery Jack burger comes with Shiitake Mushroom, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, and their special sauce. The photo on the touch screen looked so good, and the actual burger? Well… It make me wonder if they call it the “Slippery” Jack because they are so sloppily put together, that everything between the small, cold buns falls out…? Another thing, I ordered medium well, but the patties were really burnt, overcooked and dry. The cheese was not even little bit melted on that burnt patty. The Shiitake Mushroom? I don’t know what kind of mushroom it was, you couldn’t tell. It looked dirty, and it was small, and yes, the buns were cold. The combo comes with fries and drink, and the fries were ok. I think they were one of those frozen kind that they fry up.

CB 06 CB 07

So, what I am trying to say here is…STAY AWAY FROM CUSTOM BURGER!!! Please, please, PLEASE find another place for you to eat. Not only the food is bad, but they are pricey! Over $14 (including tax) for the small, burnt burger combo??? Even if the fries were awesome (which they were NOT), it does not worth $14 at all. Very disappointing… Don’t let the beautiful photo on the touch screen fool you!

Custom Burger – Newark Liberty International Airport, Terminal C, Newark, NJ 07114


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