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Out of all the different types of food, I love desserts the best. Any kind of desserts, as long as they are awesome. I heard of this cute little place in SF who focus on all sorts of desserts, and some light cafe dish like bagels and sandwiches, called DeLise Dessert Cafe. So, we hopped over for some afternoon delight. It didn’t have a large sign, but it was not hard to find, and as soon as you walk in, you are welcomed by a big chalk board with menu selection and sample desserts so you know what they look like and exactly what you are getting. I really appreciate that!

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They don’t have much seating, just 1 counter seating on 1 side, and 1 table seating on the other side. I guess it is not so much of a eat-in kind of place, as their main offering is dessert that you can easily take home with. They did have very interesting and yummy sounding sandwiches, so they might consider adding extra seating if more people starts to eat their food in the inside.

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As for desserts, they have gelato, mini cakes, macaron, and varieties of baked goods. They all looked really cute and really tasty! And the size were all rather small, but that is good when you want just a little bite of something, or when you want to try several different flavors. The sample ones were all very well made, with quality and care, really nice presentation. We wanted to try them all, but we decided to try mini cakes and gelato. Believe me, it was not an easy decision.

There was only 1 girl working on that day, and she was helpful when we needed her. She answered all our questions, she let us taste some gelato and sorbet, and then disappeared into the back kitchen. We started off with the mini cakes: Devil’s Chocolate Mini Cake ($1.95) and Green Tea Mini Cake ($1.95). With these, if you buy 6, 12, or 24 pieces, they are cheaper per piece. The chocolate cake comes with dulce de leche cream on top. The cake was very moist, dense, rich, and the caramel flavor of the smooth, velvety cream went really great together with the chocolate cake. The green tea cake came with sweet red bean in the batter, with sesame cream on top. I know, how creative with that with the sesame cream?! It had a nice green tea flavor, with some added sweet bean mixed in the cake, it was great. And the sesame cream brought the cake to the next level. It was not only creamy but super tasty!

For the gelato, we settled with 1 scoop of Mocha Chip and 1 scoop of Goat Cheese & Apricot ($4.75 for double scoop). We did try some other flavors before deciding on these two, and they all tasted great. But, the mocha had really strong, solid flavor, which was really great, and the goat cheese & apricot was something that I never tasted before. I can say their gelato is really high quality, it was really nice, creamy, and packed with flavor. I wasn’t sure about the goat cheese & apricot, but once I tried it, I thought it was so refreshing and great! It was cheesy without being too heavy, and the it brought up the flavor of fresh apricot pieces. It was sweet without being overly sweet, fresh, and decadent.

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We were very happy with our afternoon desserts, I would love to go back there for some sandwiches if I have the chance. So, stop by for a scoop or two of their delicious ice cream, or some small bites of cute little desserts. Or, next time you are going to a party and need to bring a finger food or desserts, consider taking the mini cakes from DeLise, you will sure to be a popular guest!

DeLise Dessert Cafe – 327 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

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