Dogpatch Bakehouse & Caffè

Finding a good food at any airport is always a challenge. Sometimes, you get lucky, but most of the time, you are not getting much of quality or tasty food. Most of us have learned to “settle” for whatever is available at the airport…(you can read my other experiences on airport food at: and

Here are San Francisco International Airport, at Terminal 3, I didn’t have much options, or not much that attracted me. It was a morning time, and I was looking for some kind of breakfast item. After walking around a few times, I decided to just get some quick and easy, bakery goods option. I spotted Dogpatch Bakehouse & Caffé, and they seemed to have pretty good selection of bakery goods, so I decided to try some from here.

SFO 03 SFO 11

They had lots of healthy looking sandwiches, but I was not hungry yet for those type of food. Dogpatch seems to be one of the healthier option at the airport, with fresh ingredients. They also had plenty of options for drinks as well, from juice to soda, water, and of course, hot beverages such as tea and coffee.

SFO 04 SFO 01

I looked at all the options for breakfast, and they had all sorts of bakery goods to choose from. They had plenty of bagels with several fillings, fruits, croissants, muffins…. I was happy to see so many choices!

SFO 06 SFO 05

I decided to get Chocolate Croissant ($3.50) and Pumpkin Muffin ($3.50). The chocolate croissant actually looked much better than it tasted. It was dry, felt like it was all dried up… It would have been difficult to eat this without a drink to wash it down the throat… It had several chocolate chunks in the inside, which was nice touch, just I wish if it was more moist.

SFO 07 SFO 12

The pumpkin muffin was better when it came to moist-ness and was tasty. It was a nice size too, you can see the size compared to the chocolate croissant. It didn’t really have that much of pumpkin flavor, but it was sweet and dense, without being dry.

SFO 08 SFO 09

I also bought a water bottle from here, which costed $4.35. It was 16.9 fl oz, which was the only size they had, and they called it “large.” On their menu, they had “small” also ($2.95), but I didn’t see a single small sized bottle anywhere, besides, who knows, it might’ve been an 8 fl oz bottle? I would need more than that.  I really wish if airport will allow you to bring in your own water bottle from the outside… the price is getting ridiculous! I now carry an empty bottle, and fill it up at water fountain after I get inside the airport. Much cheaper option.

SFO 10

So, Dogpatch was a-OK. It was not great, but it was not horrible. All of the sandwiches they had looked pretty yummy, fresh, and healthy. It is good to have that type of option at the airport. I don’t mind trying one of their sandwiches or wraps next time I am at the airport. Maybe they are much better than the baked goods?

Dogpatch Bakehouse & Caffè – 780 S Airport Blvd San Francisco, CA 94128


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