Dominique Ansel Kitchen #2

After visiting this lovely spot the first time, I did promise myself that I will go back again and again for more of their delicious treats…(you can read more about my first visit here: And since my mother was visiting, I thought why not introduce her to this delightful place!

As we had a big lunch, we wanted to have some desserts as our “dinner.” My favorite kind of dinner there is. I have been hearing about one of their item called DKA, which seems to be one of their most popular items. It doesn’t look like much, but since it has such popularity (and it is their signature item), it got me curious enough to order one. The Brown Sugar DKA ($5.50) is not too large or too small, and looks kind of like a chubby mushroom, upside down. The name DKA is short for “Dominique’s Kouign Amann” which is a Breton pastry. It is basically a caramelized croissant with buttery center. There is no filling in the middle, but it really didn’t need anything, since it was really good just the way it was made. The outside was nice and crispy, good amount of sweetness, and the inside was fluffy, airy and flaky. I enjoyed the brown sugar flavor, it was not too strong but enough to notice. I see why it has many fans. I am glad I got to try it!

Another item we ordered was Blueberry Laminated Brioche ($6.00). It is fulled with blueberry compote, fresh blueberries and mascarpone ganache. This is one of their items that are made to order. In this case, they have the brioche ready, and it is filled fresh and brûléed when the order is placed. I love the fresh pastry, made just for you! It had generous filling, and super delicious! The blueberry and mascarpone went great together, velvety and smooth. The brioche was buttery and flaky, hugging the fillings lightly and with warmth. It was a delight!

We ordered mini matcha beignets ($6.50/6 pcs), since we really liked it the last time, and I think it is a bargain. This one came to us piping hot again, as they are also made to order. I just love these cute little airy sweets! Just as before, they were pillowy-soft, lightly fried, and so addictive!

This time, we decided to get some hot drinks to go with the sweet delights. We got small cappuccino ($4.25) and small hot chocolate ($4.50). They asked if we wanted them in a paper cup or ceramic cup. Since we were having them right there, we requested them to be in ceramic cups. They were pretty good size for small, you can see the size compared to the beignets here.

Both cappuccino and hot chocolate were really nice, almost surprisingly good. The cappuccino had great coffee flavor and foamy top, and hot chocolate was simply awesome! After tasting them, I was convinced that they use very high quality ingredients not only in their food, but also in their drinks. We were very happy with our drinks!


Needless to say, my mother thoroughly enjoyed her first visit to Dominique Ansel Kitchen. The staffs were as nice and friendly as the first visit, they really do a great job hiring and training their staffs here. They made us feel welcomed, never rushed, and take good care of their customers. I can’t wait to go back again, and again…


Dominique Ansel Kitchen – 137 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014

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