Eclair Bakery #3

This is my third visit to this dessert heaven. (You can read about my previous visits here: and They still have all the yummy looking freshly baked goods and desserts… I hope this place never closes down!

And of course the eclairs… I am so glad we don’t live near here, as we would be coming here all the time. Not good for our wallet nor our waist lines.

We both got a Café Au Lait ($2.90/large). They do a good coffee here, good quality and good price. And yes, it does go perfectly together with their heavenly desserts.

We picked two desserts and two eclairs to share. The first two are Saint Honore ($5.50) and Coffee Cup ($5.75).

Since their cream puff was incredible, I chose something that looked similar to it, Saint Honore. Since they didn’t have a description of what it is made with, I was not completely sure what it was going to be like.

When I cut into it, I realized it is made with three little cream puffs on it, filled with custard cream! It had kind of pie crust or puff pastry on the bottom, vanilla whipped cream in the middle and piped around the little cream puffs. My goodness it was awesome!!! I like how they use a generous amount of vanilla beans in the cream, and yes, generous amount of whipped cream.

The Coffee Cup had a macaron on the top, which was coffee flavor. It had layers of deliciousness, starting with vanilla cream on the bottom, coffee soaked sponge, mocha pudding (?) and the macaron. It was really nice, velvety and creamy. I liked the texture of all the different layers, and they all worked great together in a harmony. Macaron was moist and flavorful as well.

For the two eclairs, we chose Black Currant Mascarpone ($5.25) and Almond Crunch ($5.25) eclairs. I’ll be honest, we chose these because they were both shiny, literary shiny with sparkles.

I love black currant tea, so I was excited to try the black currant eclair. It is interesting how edible sparkles are used on the eclair, I don’t think I’ve ever had an eclair with sparkles on it. My husband said “You know, food with sparkles are so healthy for you…LOL.”

And the filling…they never disappoint! Look at the amount of filling! They put as much as possible in the puff pastry, from end to end. And the flavor was great too, nice black currant taste, sweet and tart. And the mascarpone mixed in it made a great cream.

Almond Crunch was even more shiny, as it didn’t have sparkles but it was covered with shiny golden liquid. It looked like a gold bar, with crunchy nuts on the top.

It was filled with loads of vanilla custard cream. The amount of almond on the top gave a good nutty flavor, and the coating was almond chocolate, I think, which also enhanced the almond flavor. It looked rich and it tasted rich.

By looking at what we ordered, I can understand the reason why we can’t seem to lose weight, or keep off the weight… Again, I am so glad we don’t live near here, as we will become so big with so many visits that we will require larger size clothes!

The staffs were nice and polite as usual, and the desserts were all heavenly as always. It is a popular spot with dessert lovers, and I am very happy to have discovered this place. We will be going back for more of their delicious and decadent desserts, but not too soon… We have to discuss with our waist lines before we go back!


Eclair Bakery – 305 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

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