Good Eats Grill (Proud Mama’s)

Good Eats Grill featuring Proud Mama’s Colorado German Burger was what I call typical Moms and Pops eatery shop. Small, friendly, warm & cozy, relaxing, and pretty darn good comfort food. We found this place by accident, but ended up being a very good accident. There is a counter right where you walk in, with menu posted on the wall. If it is your first time, they will take their time explain to you what they offer, and how they offer them. Their signature dishes are Stuffed Burgers, and another thing called Stuffed German Burgers, also known as “Cabby”, which is basically a stuffed burger in bread dough. I must say, I have never heard of such thing until the day I walked into this sweet, friendly restaurant. And yes, I was more than intrigued…!


They have a little drink section next to the counter, where they have coffee and water with orange in it. Super refreshing water!  They have nice size dining tables and smaller tables, placed spaciously so that you have more than enough room around you.

PM 05 PM 07

Stuffed Burger menu is pretty simple. You choose the size (Single or Double with or without combo), choose the protein (Beef, Turky, or Veggie), choose the bun (Crustini or Wheat), and choose the veggies. You can then add cheese and bacon if you want to, at $0.75 each. All ingredients are stuffed in your burger, like the way Smash Burger does it, and then cooked to perfection. We ordered the double with combo (one side and a soda) for $9.25, with everything (onion, bell pepper, roasted green chiles, and fresh jalapeño), and cole slaw as the side. It was HUGE, I didn’t know how it was going to be eaten… It was squished to get as flat as it could be, and he (the one who ordered) went for it, with his mouth as wide as possible. It was sooooo delicious, juicy, packed with lots of flavor. It was really awesome!  It was better than the Smash Burger, if you had one.

I had to order this thing called the Cabby, or stuffed German Burger, since I had no idea what it was all about. I ordered the Original Cabby Mama ($4.95) which comes with seasoned ground beef and German sausage, onion, fresh shredded cabbage and pepper jack cheese. I got it with the salad of the day, which was cucumber salad, very refreshing and tasty, it went really great with the flavor of the Cabby.  The Cabby was really awesome, juicy, as soon as you cut it open, you instantly smell the deliciousness, and it was as tasty as it smelled. All the ingredients worked perfectly together, and the bread dough was crispy on the outside, and soft in the inside. Really glad I ordered this one!

PM 11 PM 10

They make everything homemade, and of course, burgers and Cabbys are made to order, it comes to you freshly cooked, hot, super delicious. The cook, server, cashier, all very friendly and take good care of you. Really great place, you really need to head over there if you in the area!

Good Eats Grill – 1114 Francis St, Longmont, CO 80501

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