Harbes Family Farm

After visiting the last vineyard on the wine tour, led by Jo Ann of Vintage Tours, she took us to Harbes Family Farm before she dropped us off at each destination. She told us about their Apple Cider Donuts, and Kettle Corn.

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It was quite lovely, with lots of flowers, plants, and produces. I always liked these local farm stands with fresh veggies, fruits, and colorful plants and flowers. They are just so adorable, and a great spot to take a little break and relax. Jo Ann was kind enough to buy everyone an Apple Cider Donut, and it was pretty great! Thank you Jo Ann!

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We really liked this farm stand, that we decided to go back for a visit the next day. Since we were here on our own, and not with a group with time restriction, we got to really look around. They had all sorts of plants, including strawberry plants and potato vine – I heard potato is one of the top agriculture group in Long Island.

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Then there are lots of fresh veggies! They all looked very healthy, vibrant colors, and each one was larger than some veggies in supermarket. The kinds you can buy at a farm stand always looks so much nicer and healthier!


As we browsed the farm stand, we spotted their yummy Apple Cider Donuts! We bought a bag that has 6 donuts ($6). They are not large donuts, but larger than “mini” donuts. Just a bag full of sweet delights.

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We also had their infamous kettle corn, roasted perfectly, then dipped quickly into melted butter. It was a shiny gold goodness! I’m not sure if this is something we should have on a regular basis, but it was certainly great during a special trip.


They have a nice open yard with picnic tables, so we decided to have our lunch there. We bought Lemonade ($3.25) and Iced Coffee ($2.50) to go with our food that we brought with us. The lemonade was quite delicious, and had squeezed half lemon in it. It was so refreshing, sweet, and awesome!

The iced coffee was surprisingly good too. The girl who made the coffee asked if we wanted some space left for milk. Very considerate! She poured out a bit of coffee out (as it was filled to the rim), so that we could add milk in it.


Then we had the donuts as desserts. They were again very delicious. Moist, sweet, rich, and just the right size. I say $1 each is pretty good deal, especially for something so tasty.

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What I didn’t realize was that they are much more and much bigger than what we could see in the immediate premises. They have Farm Stand, which we visited, Barnyard Adventure, and wine tasting. With a large lot with enough amount of outdoor seating, it is a great spot for a family to stop by to have lunch or snack, and then have some fun while you are there!

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And, they come with a nice, large restroom. Thank you Harbes! It is always nice to have a large restroom when you are having lunch (or any time, really).


We only visited their farm stand, but if we go back to Mattituck, I would like to try some of their wines, alongside with their donuts! Most of the staffs were younger kids, maybe their Summer job while the school is out? They were all friendly and seemed to enjoy their job, which is always a good thing. We had a very relaxing time here, if you are in the area and need a little R&R, this is the place to go!

Harbes Family Farm – 715 Sound Ave, Mattituck, NY 11952

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