Herb N’ Kitchen @ Hilton Midtown

One thing you might want to check out when you are staying at a hotel is there breakfast offering and quality. Not everyone has a really good breakfast that suits most everyone staying there. During the Thanksgiving holidays, I got to have a full continental breakfast at Hilton Midtown.

They have Herb N’ Kitchen located on the ground floor, and they have services; breakfast and more of a cafe. At the cafe, they offer salads, artisanal sandwiches and brick oven pizzas. They also have specialty coffees, teas, hot chocolate, etc. to either in the restaurant or on the go.

The breakfast was rather impressive, that is one of the main reasons why I decided to feature it here on my blog. The first thing I saw was this large white marble top table with bar stools. It was decorated with buckets of REAL fruits (for anyone to take with), underneath beautiful blue glass light fixture. To the right and back of the marble table was a large sitting area. The space was much larger than I expected, didn’t have any problem finding a good seat.


To the left of the white marble table was the breakfast buffet area. It was nice and bright, very clean and easy to navigate through. In the center, they had all the cold items such as fruits, cold cuts, cheese, etc.. Everything looked very fresh and looked really nice. Well organized and well lit.


To the left of the center island was the baked goods section. They had nice varieties of baked items from cinnamon rolls, croissant, multi-grain bread, muffins, etc. It was beautiful… I appreciate all the choices. Next to that was cereal section. Good for people with kids or for someone who is not a big breakfast eater. And yes, they had milk right by the cereals all ready for you.

They had more bread on the other side of the wall, with plane sliced bread, English muffin, bagels, etc.. They had toaster to heat them up if you prefer. Next to it was several kinds of juice. They got all the cold items and baked goods covered. So, how about the hot stuff? Not to worry, they are the main feature here, at the back center of the wall. They had beautiful silver trays (I don’t know if they are really high quality container or their lighting trick, but they looked really pretty and shiny!) holding all the hot items.

On the right side, they had regular breakfast items, such as pancakes, eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, and sausage. Covering the basics here. But, before you get those scrambled eggs, just wait and ask yourself “do I want plain same-old scrambled egg, or do I want a special, personalized omelet, made just for me?” The answer came to me easily, as soon as I saw one being made for my hubby.

They have an omelet section with a chef, and you can make it with ingredients of your choice. And they give you crazy amount of ingredients to choose from! They had New York Pastrami, smoked turkey breast, chorizo, tomatoes, Bok Choy, Tofu, jalapeño peppers, all kinds of cheeses… all in all, 15 ingredients to choose from. Now that is service! I chose Smoked Catskill Salmon, young spinach, and Mozzarella Cheese. And they were pretty darn good. It had nice saltiness from the smoked salmon, freshness of spinach and gooey cheese… The omelet was fluffy and VERY filling.

Now, let’s go back to the buffet. The part I really liked about their buffet the most was the left side of Hot Food section. As I mentioned above, the right side of the Hot Food section has all the usual, Western or American breakfast items. So, what do they have on the left side? Asian food! I know, right??? I was so happy when I saw this! They had shumai, fried vermicelli noodles, braised port, fried rice, and kind of like rice-soup or risotto. It was all very tasty, and very much appreciated! I wonder if they have good amount of Asian people staying at this hotel for them to do this? But whatever the reason might be, I really enjoyed it!

Even thought it is a self-service with food, each table also had waiter, who came and served us water, coffee, whatever we needed. Service was friendly and efficient, we had a nice, relaxing breakfast here right before the Thanksgiving Parade started. Speaking of which, this hotel has many rooms with a great view of the parade! If you are interested in staying at a hotel with a view of Thanksgiving day parade, consider this hotel as one of your choices. They do have nice breakfast!

Herb N’ Kitchen @ Hilton Midtown- 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019


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