Jack In the Beanstalk

We came across this grocery store after spotting a sign that said Lobster Roll. How could we resist lobster roll? This was the first time I’ve heard of this place, and was excited for what they have to offer.


They had lots of fresh veggies and fruits outside, and some snacks as well. It seemed like they had most of all the basic stuff, from tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupes and so on.

IMG_1255 IMG_1254

In the inside was more groceries, things that require refrigeration, such as milk and cheese. They also had some cut flowers. They also had some dried food, like cereals. This would be an easy one stop shop.

IMG_1253 IMG_1250

What surprised me was this huge selection of wines on the wall. This was impressive, with the size of the store, they can give away this much space just for wines. They of course had all kinds of candies and sweets, of types and colors.

IMG_1248 IMG_1251

To the left from the entrance was the ready-to-eat section. You can pick up some cooked food there, or go to the counter at the end, and order sandwiches to be made for you. This is where the Lobster Roll ($9.98) was made. Since they were not so large, we ordered two for us. A young female staff took our order and made the sandwiches right there and then.

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The register was right at the end of ready-to-eat section. They also had all sorts of baked goods and desserts right around the register, from apple turnovers, woopie pies, donuts, etc. Since we became a fan of apple cider donuts when we visited Harbes Family Farm (you can read about it here: http://www.foodlovergirl.com/harbes-family-farm/), we decided to pick up their Apple Cider Donuts ($0.99) to try.

IMG_1252 IMG_1249

Once we got home, we unwrapped the lobster rolls (it was wrapped in aluminum after it was made). It was small had bad good amount of lobster meats. We made our plates with pasta salad, potato salad, and chips that we had at home, and our lunch was complete. The lobster roll was fresh. juicy, and just a bit buttery. Granted it was not the best lobster roll we’ve ever had, but it did help with our cravings for it.

IMG_1256 IMG_1260

For dessert, we had the Apple Cider Donuts. They were fluffy, sweet, and nice size for $0.99. It was like a nice little cake, a nice sweet ending to our lunch.


The store was clean, the staffs were efficient, and it was affordable. It is a convenient grocery store, they have most of everything you need, at good price. I wish if this store was right by where we live…but one limitation of Manhattan in the limitation on land and space. This big store will not fit! Oh well, we can always visit a nice, large grocery stores outside Manhattan!

Jack In the Beanstalk – 800 Gifford Street Ext, Falmouth, MA 02540

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