Jimmy Brown’s Cafe

Jimmy Brown’s Cafe is family owned, friendly, welcoming, and relaxing restaurant. Everyone working there is very nice and polite, and the owner (an older gentleman) went around every table to make sure every customer was happy with their food and service, and having a great time there. It seems like they are not advertised on the internet much, but they are one of the locals’ favorite, many people (tourist or out-of-towners) have found this place from word-of-mouth. The interior is quite large, and have plenty of tables and booth seating, and much of everything is made out of wood, giving that feeling of log cabin with lots and lots of cool posters and memorabilia.

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We were actually on our way to another restaurant, which happened to be closed on that day.  Then we found Jimmy Brown’s Cafe nearby, we decided to check them out. And what a great find it was! The menu offered all sorts of food, from soup and salad to ribs, fish & chips, chicken pot pie, burgers… you can find almost everything on their menu.

We ordered garden salad with chicken, chicken pot pie, ribs, and chicken & chips. Garden Salad ($11) with grilled chicken breast ($4) as a meal was really huge, enough to share with someone. It was fresh and tasty, and the pumpkin seeds were nice addition, providing extra flavor and texture to the salad. Chicken was very good too, grilled just right, and tasty. They offer the Garden Salad as is, or with Chicken Breast, Salmon, or Jumbo Shrimp.

The Chicken Pie ($17) is their home-made chicken pot pie. Comes with side of garden salad or butternut squash or crispy green beans. It also comes with a bread and cranberry sauce, and they make the cranberry sauce there as well. The pie with filled with veggies and chunks of chicken, it was filling but not too much over the top.  Great comfort food, flavorful, and warms you up from inside and out.

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I heard they are somewhat famous for their ribs, so we ordered Falling-Off-The-Bone-Ribs, half rack ($19). When it came to the table, we could not believe the size of the ribs, and yes, it was HALF rack!!! House BBQ, come with cole slaw and fries. It also came with the corn bread which was nice but was kind of dry. The meat was tender and it really fell off the bones! The sides were not great but the ribs were outstanding! The last item ordered was Chicken & Chips ($15), a twist to old fashioned Fish & Chips. Hand-battered breast strip, fries, coleslaw. Choice of dipping sauce, I chose chipotle and ginger-soy. The chicken were ok, I wish if it were a bit more crispy on the outside. The chicken itself was still juicy, which was nice, and it really was a huge amount, completely fills you up and then some. The chipotle sauce was more like ranch, which I still enjoyed.

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It is great to have a warm, friendly family restaurant, where everyone really cares about the customer. They have such great atmosphere, you can certainly relax with family and friend here, without being rushed. The food is huge and affordable, you can share or take some home for another meal!


Jimmy Brown’s Cafe – 339 E Falmouth Hwy, East Falmouth, MA 02536

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