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Here is another new spot that opened up in this area after Wahizza (you can read about it here: Just like Wahizza, it is more of a take out place. They had no space for eating in the inside. They had crazy amount of “grand opening” banners when they opened, and brought in good amount of crowds. The inside is small, so when they get more than 5 people or so, it gets a bit tight. They had menu on the two screens above the counter, and change every few seconds to the next page. It is not easy to check out everything, especially if you are trying to read the description. When we went, they didn’t have any menu that are printed out, so we had to patiently look at the screens to see what they have, how much they are, what they come with, etc… They do offer many kinds of snacks, from sandwiches, burgers, Mexican, Dominicans, wings, and few more items.

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The interior is really basic and simple, no flare, just what they need. The one cool thing they had was their name “Jordan Burger” imprinted on the wood underneath the counter. The kitchen takes up most of the space, and there were several staff working as quickly as they can to make all the food.


Since they emphasizes more of “Burger” joint than snacks, we decided to order one of the burgers to share. We ordered King Felix #34 ($11.99) which is “baby burger” and comes in three. We thought it will be easier to share sliders. It was packed in a plastic container with some fresh green leaves, so they didn’t move around too much on the way home.


When we took them out of the container, we realized that they are all different kind of burgers! On the menu, it said “Bacon / Caramelized Onion / G&R Pepper.” We assumed that the mini burgers has bacon, onions and peppers on it, but we were wrong. There was one burger with bacon, another one with caramelized onion, and another one with peppers. They were nice size, and all came with cheese and greens as well.


The bacon one also came with lettuce and pickles, and of course, nice pieces of bacon. It had possibly cheddar cheese, hugging the burger completely. It was meaty and bigger than some sliders out there. Enough to cut in half to share. You can see the size compare to the Sock Monkey (“Socks”). And yes, he is wishing if he can actually eat that.


Since our Socks can’t eat, we ate it for him on his behalf. The patty was well done (there was no option otherwise), but yet juicy and had really good flavor. It was a bit hard to bite off the bacon, as they were big pieces, which is not a bad thing. They are serious about the “bacon” part of this bacon cheeseburger. The burger was almost surprisingly good, as my expectation for this spot was low.


The one with caramelized onion was another big hit. It had loads of caramelized onions on top, which had great flavor. The burger had Swiss cheese, lettuce and their special sauce. It was so tasty, for someone who really likes caramelized onion (as myself), this one is really awesome.

Again, the patty was well done, but yet juicy and packed with flavor. The cheese was melted around the patty perfectly, giving a nice cuddle. The onion was just great with the patty, the taste of both were a perfect marriage. Small burger with big flavors!


The last but not least, Green and Red peppers burger. It comes with lettuce, spicy chipotle mayo, sautéed peppers, and Swiss & Cheddar cheese. The yellow cheddar cheese on top of white Swiss looked almost like an egg yolk, but with one bite, that cheesy patty ensured that it was not an egg.


I liked the spicy chipotle mayo, it had a nice kick to it. This burger with packed with flavor, with double the cheese, spiciness, and very tasty, juicy patty.


All of them were really pretty good. I was happily surprised by the quality, and the portion was good also. Affordable with great amount of options to choose from, it will be a good place to pick up some snacks and meals. The cashier staff was nice but a bit slow. She spoke English and Spanish, for this area has many Spanish speaking residence. I am glad we got to try three of their burgers, in mini size. If we have a burger cravings, we know where to go.

Jordan Snack Bar & Burger – 4419 Broadway, New York, NY 10034

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