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If you are thinking of dieting or losing weight, or simply wanting to be healthy for the new year, doing a juice cleanse can be a good way to jump start. I usually do juice cleanse once or twice a year, and I have been relying on Jus by Julie since the very beginning.

There are so many juice franchises out there, so it is not easy to decide which juice place you should choose. When I first discovered Jus by Julie, their product sounded really good, both in quality and variety, and also it sounded really delicious. So I decided to give them a try. Ever since, I have been getting their juice package at least once a year.

Please note, juice cleanse is not made to lose weight, but to help you cleanse your body in the inside, of all the bad food we consume every day. And, it helps with your cravings for bad food, as you are getting all those bad things in your system flushed out. You will start to feel light, and by the end of your cleanse, you will feel much better, physically and emotionally. How long you should cleanse would be up to you.

I get them delivered to my door, since they can get pretty heavy. They are shipped frozen, so unless you are going to start your cleanse immediately, you should put them in your freezer. About a day before the cleanse, you should take them out the freezer so that they will be defrosted by the morning. Each bottle is numbered so even if you get all the bottles mixed up, you can still get them in the right order with little or no effort.

You get 6 bottles per day, which could be more than enough, or not enough depends on the person. It is usually too many bottles for me, so I will have 1-2 leftover bottles which I use to extend my cleanse. I usually order their 3-day cleanse, which I extend it to about 4 days with the leftovers. Great thing about the 3-day cleanse is that not all the bottles are the same, they give you some varieties in each day, so that you don’t get bored with the flavor (even though all the juices are so tasty).

Here is the process of yummy 3-day cleanse each day;

First bottle is Morning Glory. Packed with nutrient rich greens such as kale, romaine and spinach, with lots of protein so you will feel full (surprisingly). It might not look tasty, but it really is, and it is sweet,  from apples, strawberries and bananas in the mix. Really refreshing and delicious! Great first bottle start out the day.

Jus 00

Next up is #2, usually the Spicy Lemonade or Spicy Pomegranate. These are like a little “snack” between your breakfast and lunch. Spicy Lemonade is created with lemons/pomegranate, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It is sweet at the first sip, but then you will feel the heat coming up from the back of your throat with the cayenne. It is like the “cold hot chocolate” where you get both the cold and hot all from one drink. These are meant to pump up your vitamin C and rev your metabolism.

Jus 01 Jus 02

# 3 is Sweet Spin, made with spinach, kale, pineapple, banana and mango. Again, it might not look yummy, but it really is!!! You can really taste the sweet fruits, banana more than others, and very refreshing. At this point, you will realize how a “green juice” can be super tasty, regardless of how it looks. This is usually my lunch juice, and it really is satisfying.

Jus 03

After the #3, it should be sometime in the early afternoon, when you want some kind of mid-day sweets. #4 gives you just that. It will be either Chia Berry or Açaí Blend. Chia Berry is made with Chia seeds, pomegranate, strawberry, lemon, and agave. Açaí Blend is made with Açaí berry, strawberry, blueberry, and banana. You can see there is no veggie in these ones, more like a nice little fruit juice, with all that good-for-you fruits in it. It is good to have that contrast from the green ones, keep your taste buds happy.

Jus 07 Jus 06


3. Next up is Dr. Green, that kick of ginger will be the perfect mid-day booster your body wants and needs.

# 5 is for early dinner. Got the most varieties in the latest 3-day cleanse, and these are my absolute favorite. They are hearty and super delicious! They are packed with a variety of nutrients and healthy fats. I received PB & Jus, Choco Nana, and Matcha Chia. It was my first time getting the Matha Chia. I believe they are continuing to create new flavored juice, to keep us royal customers happy and wanting to get more of their juice. So, PB & Jus is made with peanut butter, strawberry, and banana. I know, super yummy! It is like drinking peanut butter and banana with hint with strawberry. I don’t know how they make this into such yummy drink! Then their Choco Nana, which is made with cocoa powder, banana, and strawberry. It is so chocolaty and of course fruits and chocolate always go great together, so this drink is super delicious. The Matcha Chia is made with Macha, Chia seeds, apple, pineapple, mango, and cinnamon. If you like sweet Matcha drink, you will like this one also. It was really nice, like fruity Matcha smoothie. All three were more like smoothie than juice, very delightful ones I might add.

Jus 08 Jus 10 Jus 09

The lasts one is for late dinner, Xtreme Greens to end your day. Starting with a green juice and ending with another green juice to rejuvenate you. It is made with hemp seeds, spinach, kale, orange, lime, and pineapple. It is still sweet but not too sweet, so that you are not getting too much sugar (even thought they only use natural sugar in fruits) before you go to bed. Really great way to conclude the day of cleanse.

Jus 11

Another thing I notice with juice cleanse is that I sleep better, with less bad things inside my body, and feeling lighter. I really can tell the difference before and after the cleanse with the way I feel, and I have more energy afterwards. Some people say my skin looks better during and after the cleanse. The hard part is to keep eating healthy after the cleanse… But hey, when I get too away from the healthy lifestyle, I can always re-set my self,with Jus by Julie to push me gently to the right path.

If you have any type of allergy, you can select the boxes for the items you are allergic to (like hemp seeds), and they will send you a juice that does not contain that item. And you are allowed to have snacks between the juice if you need to, for as long as they are healthy snacks, like fruits and veggies.

So, if you are looking for a good way to jump start your new year resolution that has something to with you getting healthy, consider adding juice cleanse to your routine!

Jus by Julie – 1212 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11210

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