Le Chéile

Le Chéile is an eclectic restaurant with an Irish theme, and serves many kinds of beers and pub grub & American dishes. They say that their name“Le Chéile” (pronounced – “leh kay-lah”) is a Gaelic phrase which means “together.”

It has a nice bright color throughout, both inside and outside. They always has pretty flowers by the windows, and interior gets much sunlight.

Le Cheile 8 Le Cheile 7

We went there for lunch during a week, so it was pretty empty with just a couple of tables filled. It was nice and quiet and we received good attention from our server because of it. They offer pretty good lunch menu selections, including $8 lunch, which consists of Sandwich and Soup, Sandwich and Salad, Soup and Salad, and couple more selections. We ordered one of the $8 lunch, and chose Vegan sandwich and Creamy Tomato soup. The Vegan sandwich comes with grilled mushrooms, zucchini, and roasted red bell peppers with lettuce, tomato, and pesto sauce on seven grain bread. The sandwich was flavorful, the veggies were grilled nicely, and the bread was tasty also. The soup was very good, creamy, rich, went great with the sandwich. I say it will be perfect with their grilled cheese!

Le Cheile 9

We also ordered one dish from the Lunch Special menu which changes each day. We got Penne Pasta Special ($14), which comes with penne pasta tossed in a marinara sauce with broccoli, green peas, and mozzarella cheese. I say it was “ok” but nothing really special. The broccoli was a bit too hard, I prefer it to be cooked a bit more, and I felt like the pasta lacked flavor…

Le Cheile 4

We ordered couple of burgers: Lamb Burger and Le Chéile Burger. The Lamb Burger ($14) comes with a mint yogurt sauce, and choice of salad or fries. We added cheddar cheese ($1), and changed the fries to sweet potato fries ($1). The burger was juicy, didn’t really get the mint flavor from the sauce though. The sweet potato fries were great.

The Le Chéile Burger ($12) comes with lettuce, tomato, onions, and choice of salad or fries. We added cheddar cheese ($1).  The burger was a good solid burger, and the fries were nice and potato-y. Both burgers were good size, not too big nor small, and had good flavors.

Le Cheile 5 Le Cheile 6

Overall, this place offers good selections of food and drinks, their sandwiches are pretty good, and offers very nice setting for relaxing and chilling time with your family and friends.

Le Chéile – 839 West 181st Street

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