M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1

It is true that New York City offers so many different types of cuisine from all over the world. The same can be said about art in the city. There are all different types of art, from classic to modern, paintings to sculptures, exhibitions and performance. You can find all of these, right here in the city!

If you are interested in contemporary art, then you should check out MoMA PS1. which is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit contemporary art institutions in the U.S., and is dedicated solely to contemporary art, including most experimental art in the world. You can see the works of new emerging artist or new genre here, or a new work by more recognized artists.

MoMa 01 MoMa 03

The building used to be utilized as studio, performance, and exhibition spaces long time ago, and after the renovation, they kept the history and preserved much of the original blueprint, including most of its unique classroom-sized galleries. It is quite interesting to walk around the hallways, looking into small “class rooms” almost bringing you back into the time when you were in school.

MoMa 02 MoMa 04

They also have some interactive exhibitions, using technology, sound, visual, and all aspects of art forms.

MoMa 05
So, what happens when you check out all the cool and interesting arts? You get a bit tired and hungry from walking around the entire building. Thankfully, they do have a cute dining area, also in large class room type space. They have old school furniture and chalkboard. Making it feel even more like you are back in school. They had some interesting music playing on the background. I am not sure how to describe, it was pretty cool.

MW 02 MW 03

What is more cool about this space is that they keep a notebook in the desk, 1 notebook per row. So, go ahead, get your pen or pencil out, and start doodling, or write some love message to your old sweetheart from school… Just have fun with it, while leaving the cool record of your existence at MoMa!

MW 04 MW 05

We were not planning to have a sold food there, but we wanted some afternoon snack and a little R & R before we head out. So, we walked up to the counter, and looked around to see what kinds of desserts they have for that day. Their kitchen was right behind the counter, so you can see them as they prepare your food. I always feel better when I can see the kitchen, makes it more “honest” (or at least that is what I hope).

MW 01

We spotted some yummy looking pies, and we decided on the one they called Coquito (?), which was coconut custard and cinnamon pie ($7). It was soft, rich, very sweet. The bottom pie crust was a bit hard and soggy at the same time, as if it has been sitting there after being baked for a while, which could be true, it was in the afternoon… The crust did have nice flavor, but just a bit too hard, again, maybe from being sitting around all morning? I felt $7 was kind of pricey, but it is inside the museum… and it was a nice enough size for the both of us.

MW 09

We also ordered a cup of coffee ($2.50). Coffee was good and strong. They have milk, simple syrup, and all sorts of sugar available by the register on the counter. Nice and organized, easy to make your cup of coffee into the exact preference!

MW 08

Overall, the pie was ok, coffee was good, and had a fun time in the classroom, sitting at those desks and chairs. Our mind was filled with interesting art, our taste buds got what they wanted, we had a good day at the MoMA PS1. So, next time you are looking for a different kind of art, away from classic, head over to MoMA PS1 for innovative, creative artworks!

M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1 – 22-25 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY

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