Maroni Hot Pots #2

This is my second review of the Maroni Hot Pots. (You can read my first review here: After the first time visiting this lovely spot, we had to go back to try another kind of hot pot. The meatballs and garlic we bought was truly heavenly. This time, we bought small pot of Spaghetti & White Clam Sauce ($30/small). Unlike the meatballs, this one does not have option to opt out the spaghetti. We were ensured by the staff “don’t worry, it comes with a lot of clams!” so we went with it. We also bought Classic Garlic Bread ($5)with the pot as well.

It comes with baby clams, white wine, garlic and parsley. We could smell the wonderful aroma the entire way home, and we were soooo excited to try this dish! As soon as we got home, we opened this pot of delights. It was overflowing with lots and lots of clams, just as the staff told us. They also had spaghetti really packed underneath.

Maroni 04 Maroni 02

The garlic bread was as enormous as before, which I think is another amazing buy from this place. Only $5 can get you a huge, amazingly delicious garlic bread. Come on! Their garlic bread is so “juicy” with lots of garlic, herbs, butter, and whatever the magic they add on to it.

Maroni 05

If you are not going to empty the entire pot, it could be a challenge to get “partial” amount out, as it really was packed from bottom to top. Even thought they say the “small” pot is for 1-3 people, it really has much larger portion, which is awesome. We were not going to finish the entire pot between the two of us, so I tried to get some of the spaghetti, and some of the clams, with some difficulty. The end result was a plate full of deliciousness. It was as good, or many even better than I expected.  Not only the clams were super flavorful, but also the spaghetti underneath that soaked up all the sauce was amazing!

Maroni 08

After having a huge platefull, happy and full, and still had half the pot (if not more) of spaghetti and clams left. We happily finished the entire pot in the next couple of days. It was delicious from the beginning to the end. And just as before, the staff there was super nice and polite. I really love it when I could see and feel that our business is fully appreciated.  Also, we brought cleaned pot from the previous order, and got $4 off the total. Great deal, right? I will be going back sometime soon to try some other dishes they offer. I am sure whatever the dish I choose, it will be amazing and memorable…

Maroni Hot Pots – 307 East 77th Street New York, NY 10028

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