Marshmallow Treat at Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo does not have a great food option (in my opinion) from my experience (read my review at: However, there is still a fun treat you can find at the Zoo. Yes, there is always hope!

The hope started with the sign that said “Roast Your Own! Smores & Marshmallows.” There were large white containers with roasting tables, long enough for many people to be standing around it at the same time.

BZ 21 BZ 20 BZ 19

So, of course, we went for it. The menu consisted of Marshmallow Stick, S’mores, Brownie, Candy Apple,Halloween Cookie, Marshmallow Treat, and Bottled Beverage. This menu was a complete surprise, thinking that they only offer marshmallow and S’mores. Regardless, we were only interested in S’mores ($3.50), so that is what we went for. Thye gave us 2 marshmallow on a stick, and off we went to the fire pit. The fire was kind of low (I am sure for the safety, since this was popular among kids to enjoy also), so it took a little longer and little more talent & patience to get it just right.

BZ 15 BZ 16

After you get your marshmallows roasted the way you want it, get them just a little melting, or let them go up in the flame and get a bit charred, it is all up to you. After you got your marshmallows to your exact liking, you go over the the S’mores table, where they have graham crackers and chocolates all ready. They take the stick from you and make the S’mores for you (again, for safety measures, I believe).

BZ 17 BZ 18

The result, awesome sweet yummy treat! It is always fun to make S’more on a cold day, and eating them under a nice blue sky. So, even if you can’t find a good food in the Bronx Zoo, you can still create a fun, yummy treat, right by the Dancing Crane Cafe!

Bronx Zoo – 2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10460

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