Metro Burger Bar @ Laguardia Airport

Finding a good food at any airport is always a struggle. I have almost given up hope, but at the same time, I am always hopeful. At Laguardia airport, there was not many options around my gate… I was wanting to have something big, a substantial meal, instead of small little croissant or muffin. I found an actual restaurant/eatery, with “Burger” in their name. I quickly decided this is the spot!

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Inside was long and narrow, and not so big. But the turnover was pretty quick, the wait time was not very long even if there was not table available. One of the reason why was their very efficient hostess, who quickly cleaning off the tables after customers left. She was an elegant lady, greeted me with smile as soon as I walked in. She was helpful with their menu, explaining the basics. She was polite, friendly, and great with little kids also. They have a full bar, and funny thing was that several of the customers asked what beer they had. The waitress gave them a long list of their impressing offerings, most of them just ended up ordering Bud…

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They had about 10 burgers choose from, and I decided to go with Texas Burger ($12). It comes with Texas BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, onion ring, and coleslaw. The hostess told me when I first sat down that the burgers come with fries or salad, but I can substitute for tater tots for additional $2. So, with that magic word, I substituted my side with tater tots. It came on toasted white breads, and it seems that they are made to order, so it took a little long for the food to come out. But I prefer to have a freshly made food (and I was not in a hurry), so I had no issue with that.


The patty itself was a bit small compared to the bread, kind of awkwardly placed on the bread. Cole slaw was more like shredded cabbage and carrots, larger pieces than regular coleslaw. I liked this way better, since I am not a big fan of coleslaw.  Onion ring was even smaller than the patty, maybe half the size, and it was just a-ok. Their BBQ saice was put on one part of the bottom of the bread, so I didn’t really taste it until last few bites. Tater tots were nothing special either.

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The portion was huge, so I didn’t get to finish the whole plate, and I was completely full. One cool thing that they had was their plastic ware. They looked more like silverware, until you pick them up and realize that they are plastic!

The service was ok, slow and not attentive, but having a waitress and a nice, efficient hostess does help. Maybe not a good choice if you are in a super hurry. They do accommodate groups, kids, babies with strollers, etc. Very welcoming.  Overall, the food was…ok, not great. But then again, this is airport. My search for great food continues…

Metro Burger Bar – Laguardia Airport, Terminal B, East Elmhurst, NY 11371

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