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There are many fast food chains out there, on global scale. But even the same stores offers different menu in different country, so you can still get a taste of something unique. Or, you can find fast food restaurant with great food that started in that country, and does not exist anywhere near where you live. In this case, MOS Burger fits the bill perfectly. I know the name “MOS Burger” does not sound too well, but it actually stands for “Mountain Ocean Sun.” I am a fan of MOS Burgers myself, and I was very excited when it was offered on JAL flight! (

We visited one in Shimbashi, MOS Burgers are not hard to find in Japan, which was great for me. I wish if there is a MOS Burger in NYC… The founder and creator of MOS Burger back in 1972 got the idea of opening a burger restaurant from having a burger in the USA. But he was certainly going to make it his own, very unique burger for Japanese people, taking lots of consideration into what kind of flavor would be loved by them.

The inside is bright with warm ceiling and wall lights throughout. There is an ordering counter right at the entrance. I really like how they are still dressed in kind of an old-fashion way, with beret hats and long apron, and pastel color shirts. The staff are always super nice, polite and helpful.

MOS 09 MOS 05

The inside was decorated with lots of wood elements, with plants everywhere. The furniture was also mainly wood furniture or green colored, so it really looked and felt like you are in a forrest or somewhere peaceful and relaxing. It was super clean, and I saw staff continue to clean and organize the place every time a customer leaves. I don’t know the last time I went into a fast-food chain that is THIS clean and spotless!

MOS 06 MOS 08

So, let’s talk about the food! They are knows to use higher quality ingredients than some other burger joints, and their burgers are unique, different, and original, that sets them apart. I ordered Teriyaki burger (310 yen, roughly $3) with small fries and drink set (additional 410 yen). I am a fan of their Teriyaki Burger, the teriyaki sauce is really nice, sweet and tangy, and just mouth watering. Their original teriyaki sauce is made with miso and soy sauce, and the patty is coated with the sauce, so you get that teriyaki flavor with every bite. It is topped with super fresh lettuce and Japanese mayonnaise. How fresh is the lettuce? The freshness that you can hear when you bite into it, with that crisp noise! And Japanese mayo goes so perfectly together with that teriyaki sauce, it is a match made in heaven. The fries were thick, not greasy, and very potato-y in the inside. You know the fries were not sitting there in oil or being left out long after it was cooked. It was a great burger set with high quality all around.

MOS 04 MOS 02

Next up was Spicy W MOS Cheese Burger (550 yen). MOS Burger’s very first, original burger was created in 1972, when there was not such thing as a “burger” in Japan, was made with patty, buns, and their original meat sauce. They thought that adding the meat sauce will give more depth to the flavor. It has been loved by customers ever since. This one was a little twist on the original burger, with double patty and jalapeño. The burger is consist of: Tomato, original meat sauce, onion, jalapeño, Japanese mayo, cheese, two patties, american mustard and buns. Yes it is quite a mouthful. Another noticeable thing about their burger is their thick sliced tomato. it gives the real boost of fresh tomato with each bite, no doubt about it. This burger has so many interesting flavor and texture mixed together, in perfect harmony. It had a nice kick from jalapeño without it being too spicy, and the meat sauce definitely gave that depth to the flavor. We also added the small fries and drink set (410 yen).

MOS 03 MOS 07

I can see why MOS Burger is still one of the favorite fast food place in Japan by many, the quality, taste, and service are all top quality. I will have to go back for some more of they yummy creations next time I am in Japan. In a meanwhile, I have to keep wishing that one day, they will open up a store in NYC…!

MOS Burger – 2-12-16, Shimbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo Japan 105-0004

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