Next Door

Next Door is a friendly neighborhood restaurant serving American, Mexican & pan-Asian fare, plus sushi. Basically, little of everything.  There is a bar when you walk in, and then two sections of dining areas. Not too big but not too small, and they don’t pack the space with lots of tables, so you have more space around you, which is nice.

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We went during lunch time, and we had this strange cravings for sushi and burger. (No, not sushi burger)  We ordered one roll as an appetizer, and ordered burgers as main meal. We chose Hudson View Roll ($12), which comes with spicy tuna in the inside, and eel, avocado, & tobiko on the outside. It was fresh and tasty, and with that eel BBQ sauce, you didn’t really need soy sauce, it already had enough flavor. The spicy tuna was not really spicy, but the eel BBQ sauce is sweet, so I assume the spiciness was much milder with the sweet flavor.

We ordered 8oz Cheeseburger ($10.50) and All Natural Turkey Burger ($10.50). The cheeseburger can be blackened or grilled, and with choice of Cheddar or Jalapeño Jack Cheese, and fries. It was big, juicy, and came with lots of fries that were tasty as well. It was not really anything special, but a good, solid burger.

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The Turkey Burger came with lettuce, tomato, onions, and fries. It was huge, a lot bigger than expected. It was tasty, not dry, very filling, but again, nothing really super special. both burgers certainly hit the spot though, and we were both very full! And the portion you get for the price was a really good deal.

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The waiter there is very nice and polite, no complaints there. The food was tasty, even though it was not amazingly delicious, it was still good and we were happy. The only issue we had was that the sushi we ordered as our “appetizer” took very long time to come out… Other than that, it was a really nice lunch. So, when you don’t know exactly what you want to eat, this place might be a great spot as they offer different type of cuisine, you might easily find something that will make you happy!

Next Door – 813 W 187th St, New York, NY 10040

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