Nijo Castle

Japanese restaurant with large sushi menu and teppanyaki. Very large space for family and friends, lots of cool, interesting Asian decoration.  I assume there is not a single Japanese working here, but they try to over-compensate with decoration and also, getting the hostess to dress in cotton Summer kimono. Even though they are not authentic, it is still a great spot for some sushi.

Nijo 1

I ordered some sushi pieces first: Salmon, White Tuna Tataki, and Iku Tama.

Salmon ($5.50/2 pcs.) were very fresh, large slice of salmon. Had nice amount of fat and oil, it was very tasty. White Tuna Tataki ($6.95/2 pcs.) were lightly grilled and had spices on top. Fresh and tasty, had nice texture from being grilled.

Nijo 2 Nijo 3

Iku Tama ($6.95/2 pcs.) really caught my attention to the fullest: Salmon roe (“ikura”) with quail egg (egg=”tamago”). What a rich, delightful sushi item! It had generous amount of Ikura, and quail egg yolk, combined together was a sushi heaven! Totally worth the price.

Nijo 5

I also tried one of their specialty rolls: Chuck Norris ($12.95). It has shrimp tempura, salmon, spicy crab, cucumber, green onion, tobiko, and unagi sauce. The sushi chef was Korean, and if you know Korean food, they do amazing spicy food. This sushi had great kick to it, the spiciness didn’t hit me immediately, but when it did, it kicked my butt, just as Chuck Norris would… Totally got the name of this roll after the first piece! It had many flavors and textures, but somehow it all worked well together. It had nice softness from salmon and crunchy topping, sweet flavor from Unagi sauce and spiciness from their seasoning of spicy crab. It was a pretty great roll.

Nijo 7 Nijo 8

Friendly staff, open space, fresh sushi of many varieties.  If you are in Fremont area and want to get some sushi, this is the place to go.

Nijo Castle – 39888 Balentine Dr., Newark, CA 94560

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