Olio e Piú #2

This is my second review of Olio e Piú (you can read about it here: http://www.foodlovergirl.com/olio-e-piu/). We had such a great time the first visit, we went back for more. We decided to sit inside this time, and it was quite lovely. Still, quite tight with tables and chairs put closed to each other, and our table was really small like the last time… We got their regular complimentary bread at this visit, rather than foccacia bread. It came with cheese and pepper, and they were pretty good.

For appetizer, I went with Vitello Tonnato ($19). It is made with chilled veal, tuna, capers and arugula. It came in a beautiful plate as expected from our previous visit. The dish was very nicely plated, but different from what I thought it would look like.

It had thin slices of veal on the bottom, topped with tuna and capers and creamy sauce. Super fresh arugula placed like a crown. It was very tasty, all kinds of different flavors that somehow went together really well. Veal and tuna, which was a bit surprising match, but the capers brought those two flavors into a great harmony. Fresh arugula added nice crunchy texture and refreshing flavor.


My hubby went with Cozze in Padella ($18). It comes with P.E.I. mussels in white wine, with cherry tomatoes, lemon, garlic and parsley. It was a really good portion, much bigger than we thought it would be, since it was under “appetizer.” Each mussels was big and tasty, soaked up all the white wine broth which was great. Cherry tomatoes were a nice addition to this dish, added extra flavor and texture.

We got a cocktail called Go-To ($15), made with vodka, elderflower liquor, lemon juice, ginger, prosecco. It was very refreshing, with nice flavor of ginger and lemon. I liked the little bubble from prosecco. Nice and strong, high quality drink!

For main dish, I went with Branzino in Padella ($36). It had a big piece of whole sea bass (without head), on top of broccoli rabe. It also came with half the lemon. It was an excellent dish. Fish was cooked perfectly, flakey and juicy, with the right amount of seasoning. Broccoli rabe was really nice too. The bitterness of broccoli enhanced the flavor of the fish. I really enjoyed this dish.

My hubby chose Linguine Nere Alla Sarda ($28). It is a squid pasta dish made with octopus, shrimp, tomatoes, potatoes, arugula, and chili flakes. Again, it was a nice portion, with lots of octopus and shrimp. The aroma was incredible…

The squid ink pasta was cooked al dente, with nice firm texture and flavor. It was flavorful and I liked the cherry tomatoes in it. The generous portion was satisfying and very filling. Really nice dish. I always liked squid ink pasta, I don’t know why…but they are so good!

For dessert, we ordered Nutella Calzone ($17) and Gelato/Sorbeto ($10). They had six kinds of gelato and sorbet in total, and you get to have three scoop of your choice. We went with Cioccolato Di Perugia, Pistaccio Di Sicilia, and Espresso. They were all very good, high quality, smooth and velvety. No matter how full you are, you can still find a room for good creamy ice cream somehow…

Nutella Calzone was a giant!!! As you can see from the photo above, next to the ice creams. It could be a main dish instead of dessert. Between the two of us, we barely fished half of the calzone… It was like a huge crepe, softly cuddling mascarpone, nutella, walnuts and strawberries. If you are looking for “just a small little dessert,” stay away from this one. If you want a huge, chocolate-y crepe, especially to share with your loved ones, then this is the perfect dessert!


They have a bathroom at the back, one for each sex. The door sign was a photo of a lady and gentleman, taking a sip of their drink. Inside was in bright red, which was kind of surprising and a bit overwhelming… It was clean and roomy.

We had another pleasant dinner here. Good quality, generous portion, and tasty dish and drinks. The service was nice and friendly, and the atmosphere was romantic and relaxing. I really like the interior of this place, so pretty! We had two happy visits here, and I am sure we will have more in the near future!


Olio e Piú – 3 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014

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