Orwasher’s Bakery #2

After visiting this bakery rich with history last year (you can read about it here: http://www.foodlovergirl.com/orwashers-bakery/), I went back again for some more of their delectable doughnuts.

The inside is small, with handful of customers, it gets full. When we arrived on a weekend evening, there were handful of customers in there, brought in by the high quality baked goods, especially their breads. They bake them right in the back, so they are always fresh.

They have lots of bagels there too, and if you want them to create a bagel sandwich, they can do that for you. They had a photo of The New York Breakfast, with lox and cream cheese. That looked really good…

But, we were there for their doughnuts. The hand-filled jelly doughnuts to be exact. As I mention in my previous blog post. they have the doughnuts right there, ready but not filled. The jelly fillings are situated in the back, and they fill the doughnuts as you order them. Yes, they are very fresh, filled just for you!

While we were waiting for our doughnuts to be filled, I looked around the store. They have some local products on the shelves. I saw several jars of food items from a store in Brooklyn. Pretty cool. And then, I spotted a coffee sample. They had a sign that said “Orwasher’s Blend, Toby Estate Coffee” They are a Brooklyn coffee roaster, so I assume they also get their coffees locally as well. They had a small paper cups for the samples, so we tried it out. Nice and tasty, great with doughnut, I bet.

This time, we bought 2 jelly filled doughnuts and one regular doughnut. The first one was Sugar Doughnut with Apple Filling ($4.25). Apple jelly was their seasonal filling. The doughnut is a good size, and yes, filled with jelly at the time of order.

When I cut in half, it looked like it had a great amount of jelly filling. But then, when I cut it into quarters, I discovered it was not the case… It had lots of filling right around the piping hole, but not throughout the inside. I don’t think it was the filler’s fault. From the look of it, this particular didn’t have enough empty space in the middle for the jelly to be filled. Anyways, the apple jelly was pretty nice, fresh and tasty. The doughnut was fluffy and airy, sweet delight.

The second one was Sugar Doughnut with Black Raspberry Filling ($4.25). We tried both sugar doughnut and chocolate glazed doughnuts the last time, and we liked the sugar doughnuts better. So, this time, we only got sugar doughnuts. I think the sugar doughnut is more fluffy and light, airy and you get the flavor of the doughnut better.

This one was again a good size, and it seemed like it had more empty space for the jelly to go into it. So, it had a really nice amount of black raspberry jelly filling, which was great. It was sweet and a bit tart, strong flavor of the fresh, real black raspberry. Soooo good!

For the last doughnut, we went a bit different route. We didn’t get the hand-filled doughnut, but regular ring doughnut. We chose Glazed Chocolate Doughnut ($1.90). This was a good, solid size and the way it looked was just screaming out for me to take it home. How could I resist such cry for love? Well, I couldn’t, so I took it home with me.

And what a love affair it was. An amazing chocolate doughnut that was moist, fluffy and with great chocolate flavor. The glaze on it was just perfect. A bit crunchy instead of being mushy or sticky. My goodness what a find! I actually liked this one better than the hand-filled doughnut. Delicious!

So, my second visit to Orwasher’s was a success. I am so happy I tried the regular doughnut this time, and not just the hand-filled doughnut. This is when am glad I don’t live near this bakery…otherwise, I will be getting these sweet babies home all the time…


Orwasher’s Bakery – 308 E 78th Street, New York, NY 10075

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