Parm is a casual restaurant and sandwich shop that offers classic Italian-American food. They have a few locations in Manhattan. They are open for lunch, dinner. The inside space at the Mulberry street location is a bit small, with tables packed in, as most NYC restaurants. They also have bar seating available. The interior is simple but yet provides that warm, welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Can’t say the same about the service…

NEW YORK - March 10: Pulse - Exterior at PARM, 248 Mulberry Street in Manhattan. March 10, 2013. (Photo by Gabi Porter)  parm 12

Their main menu consists of few choices of sandwiches, which you can get them as a roll, hero, or a platter. Simple and easy, and the prices are based on those options, regardless what kind of sandwich you choose – rolls:$10, hero: $14, and platter: $19. We ordered Meatball Parm roll and Eggplant Parm Platter. But, they first brought complimentary garlic bread with warm mozzarella, which was really divine, super delicious! I will go back just to get these again… Eggplant Parm Platter ($19) comes with a choice of salad or spicy rigatoni, and NO bread. we chose spicy rigatoni. The eggplant parm was more like lasagna, which was very tasty, but rather small portion. They had more pasta than anything, and the pasta was nothing special. I felt $19 for this plate is too much, completely overpriced.

parm 05 parm 07 

The Meatball Parm Roll ($10) came with sweet semolina buns, and it was super juicy, flavorful, really amazing. The size was again a bit smaller than normal, and the fact that it does not come with anything (salad, fries, chips, etc), even though it was an amazing sandwich, $10 is still a bit pricey to me. But, it really was super delicious, if you are willing to bite the price tag, you should really try it once.

parm 06  parm 08

We also ordered dessert, Ice Cream Cake ($12) which is similar to the Napoleon ice cream cake, but with Chocolate, Strawberry, and Pistachio ice cream. It was a nice size cake, but it was REALLY frozen, it was a bit hard to eat… We couldn’t get the spoon through it, felt like we needed a knife! When it became a bit softer, we could eat it with a little less force. The taste was amazing, each layer had its distinctive flavor, it was a high quality ice cream for sure. Maybe you could order this cake with your food, so about the time you finish eating your main dish, this cake will be ready to be eaten as well.


parm 09

Overall, it was a good food, but with higher price tag than expected, and not completely stuffed. If you want a smaller lunch, it will be great spot, and yes, I do recommend the meatball parm roll…!

Parm – 248 Mulberry, New York, NY 10012

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