Pie in the Sky

Here is another year-around eatery spot in Cape Cod. This one is located just a few minutes walk from the Martha’s Vineyard ferry terminal. They are more of a cafe and bakery, this means that they are open early. In their case, they are open super early (from 5 am!) which is really good if you are taking the ferry really early in the morning, and you need a little coffee fix with some freshly baked item.

They have nice outdoor seating, which was deserted during cold winter months, but they do get packed during warm & hot months as you can imagine.

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The inside is rather small, I mean, really small. I was a bit surprised, since the outdoor space was nice, I somehow thought that the inside would be a good size too. But, if you get most of the customers during the warm and hot months, then the customers would prefer to sit outside in the nice breeze. It would make sense to have bigger outdoor seating space than the indoor seating space. However, it does make it a bit difficult for customers coming in during the Winter. Getting a seat can be a quite the challenge.

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So, they have an ordering counter and window displays on one side, seating on the other side, few counter seats by the window, and condiments in the middle of the small floor. It took us about 15 min or so before we could get a seat at the window counter seats. Depends on what people are eating, the turn over could be quick enough.

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They offer handmade croissants, pies, cookies, popovers, and breads, all baked from scratch. It all looked really good, and I really enjoy baked goods, especially croissant. But, since we were there for lunch, we decided to get some sandwiches and coffees instead.  Their coffees are all 100% Organic & Fair Trade, and sandwiches are made to order. They also offer homemade soups, quiche, and salads. Pretty good selection of quick lunch menu items.

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We had their Maple Latte ($3.25), made with real maple syrup. I think it was a popular item, since my order was the last one of the day (my husband wanted it too, but then, after they made one for me, they ran out of supplies). It had great maple flavor, and naturally sweet with the maple syrup, so there was no need to add any extra sugar. I really enjoyed it. My hubby ordered  Pumpkin Latte ($3.25) with extra shot of espresso ($1.50). It had cinnamon sprinkled on top, and had nice pumpkin flavor without it being too overwhelming. they do make very nice, quality coffee, I thought both lattes were really great.

Pie 14 Pie 15

As for sandwiches, we ordered their Lunch Special ($7.95), which was ham on a french roll panini with melted provolone, kale, guacamole, sprouts and banana peppers.  It was really fresh, tasty, more delicious than it looks. Lots of banana pepper without being too spicy, creamy guacamole, tasted great even for non-guacamole-lover. Kale was fresh – kale really is everywhere nowadays, isn’t it? It is getting more difficult to find something that does not have kale in it. I love kale, so I don’t have any issue with that, but it is interesting something that almost no one heard of maybe 10 years ago, is now the super star of veggie. Ok, back to the sandwich…I really enjoyed the sprouts, I used to have more sprouts in Japan, but they are not that common here in the US. Maybe they will one day become the superstar of the veggies, who knows? The ham was high quality, and the buttery crunchy bread was great too. The sandwiches also come with small bag of Cap Cod chips.

Pie 18

We also ordered Turkey Delux ($8.95) which came with turkey, melted Swiss, Russian dressing, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a choice of bagel or croissant. We got it on a bagel, and it was super yummy! Nice melted cheese and crisp bacon , tasty dressing and fresh veggie. Cheese melting over the meats, hugging them with delicious gooey-ness. The Russian dressing really had great flavor, I think it was the key ingredients that made this sandwich so tasty, and it went well with the rest of ingredients.


Pie 17 Pie 16

After we finished with our sandwiches, we decided to get some pie. We were at “Pie in the Sky” after all. We looked at all the pies and other sweets that they had in the window display, we decided on Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Moose Pie ($3.75 each). Key lime pie was very thick and dense, never had a key lime pie that was so thick. Very strong flavor the key lime, it was tasty but I prefer if it was less dense, and more creamy.  I do appreciate they didn’t use food coloring to turn the pie into green, as you know, if you only used natural ingredients, key lime pie will have more yellowish color. Chocolate moose pie was a big dose of chocolate, sweet and smooth. It was almost too sweet, but had nice velvety texture, and really just melted in my mouth. Both of them were pretty large portion, so we didn’t finish them, instead, we took them home for later. It ended up good thing that our pies were served in the plastic container (by error).

Pie 13 Pie 12

The girl who prepared the pie slices was very sweet, she didn’t realize we were going to eat them there, so she had them in the plastic container. When she realized we were staying, she apologized and offered to put them on the plate (with a nice smile), but then the manager/owner (?) said “just give it to them like that, you already put them in the plastic container!” And he said this right in front of me (customer) in a mean, rude manner… The other staff there were all friendly and sweet, except this guy, who never smiled or greeted a customer… I told the girl that is ok, and that we will eat them out of the container.

They also had bags of “Day Old” breads for $1.60, which had 3 different large-size baked goods in each bag, which I thought was a bargain, so we picked up one of these bag also to take home for the following morning breakfast. It was pretty tasty, sweet, and filling.

Pie 10

So, other than this one rude guy, it was a nice experience. I am glad we did not encounter him at the beginning, which could have ruined our yummy, cozy time. I would go back their again for quick bites and awesome coffee, I just hope this rude guy will not be there the next time. It is a great location, right by the bike path, next to the ferry terminal, and there are cute stores and restaurants also nearby. If you want to take a stroll in Woods Hole or need a good cup of coffee and a baked goods/sandwiches before or after the ferry ride, you know where you can find one even at odd hours. They are open from early til late.

Pie in the Sky – 10 Water Street, Woods Hole MA 02543

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