Queens Comfort #2

This is the second review of Queens Comfort, our first visit was so exceptionally amazing, we had to go back for more. (You can read my first review here: http://www.foodlovergirl.com/queens-comfort/) This is the kind of place where you wish if you lived right next to it, but at the same time, you are glad that they are nowhere near where you live (so that you won’t gain crazy amount of weight by eating there every day).

Again, we were greeted by the funny host, taking names and keeping us entertained right outside the door. He gets everyone excited about the food, and really funny! The inside is still full of “interesting” little decorations all over, some of them are cute, but some others could be more more towards scary than cute…? They know how to keep you entertained from the beginning to the end, everywhere you look, there is something interesting.

QC 07 QC 09

So, the main item at this place (for us) is the donuts. Since they make different kind every weekend, we were excited for the donuts. And, since they only make limited number of them per day, we made sure to order it first. On this day, they had Candy Corn Cake Donut ($4.50) with Marshmallow Glaze. Yup, it was music to my ears. It is pretty good size, so we ordered just one and shared. With that much sugar and goodness, you really should share with someone… And it was really good, soft, moist, sweet, little donuts heaven.

QC 01

After having the dessert first (the best way to have your meal, don’t you think?), we moved on to the main dish. The first one we ordered was Earnie K DOE Benedict ($16), and it came with puff pastry wrapped meatloaf, bacon tomato jam, poached egg, and hollandaise. It sounded really interesting and tasty, so I decided to be adventurous. When it arrived to the table, I was a bit disappointed by the small portion. It is about half of regular benedict size, and the meatloaf was thinly sliced, and didn’t really see or taste the puff pastry. It was still tasty enough, but I will not order this again. It had fresh bed of spinach, and the egg was cooked to perfection, but for the portion, $16 is a pretty high price tag.

QC 02 QC 03

The second menu we ordered was Peanut Butter Jelly & Bacon Stuffed Brioche French Toast ($14). This thing was pretty big, and everyone else on the table was staring at it with mesmerized bright eyes. It looked super yummy, but I was afraid how sugary it would be… but no matter, we knew we were not going to get “diet-friendly” items here.

QC 04

Once we cut it open, we were even more amazed, with everyone else at the table also had their eyes fixed, it was showtime! It had generous amount of peanut butter and jelly, and bacon in it, it was really heavenly. Now, it is not the kind of food you should eat all by yourself, it is best to share (the calorie and sugar). It certainly was sweet, with all that yummy gooey-ness and crisp bacon, and drizzle a little maple syrup on it and it is done! It was super tasty, gives you sugar rush, and makes you smile. It was really good, and yes we did walk a lot afterwards, trying to burn off the calorie as much as we could.

QC 05 QC 06

So, the benedict dish was a miss, but the french toast was a hit, and of course, the donut was awesome. They can’t have every single item to my liking, but I know they do amazing stuff here. The staff were courteous and friendly, and remember to bring cash – it is cash only!

Queens Comfort – Queens Comfort – 4009 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103

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