Rainy Day Bookstore & Cafe

Rainy day is a really nice hideaway cafe in a bookstore in Tokyo.  It can’t be a bit hard to find, but it is worth the time, as they have a very relaxing atmosphere, high quality coffee, and friendly staff. It is good place hang out alone or with some friends, or even use it on a date. It is located in basement, through the red brick gate, with cute but subtle wooden sign.

Rainy 16 Rainy 14

Even though it is located in the basement, they have big open space by the stairs that goes down to the cafe, allowing lots of natural light to come inside the cafe. They have plenty of sitting space, with simple but solid wooden furniture, and also have counter seats in front of their small kitchen as well. There was a piano near the entrance, and they do some live music there sometimes. On the wall opposite from the counter held interesting and unique collection of books.

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They have a simple menu, and I heard their curry is pretty good, but since we were here to relax before going to dinner, we only wanted coffee and snack. We got Cappuccino (600 yen), Monkey Blend Coffee (500 yen), and Today’s Baked Cookie (250 yen). The Cappuccino and Coffee was pretty good, they use good coffee beans, it was strong with good aroma, high quality coffee. The interesting thing about their menu was that “Today’s Baked Cookie” really isn’t “cookie” but more of “baked goods.” On that day, they had banana pound cake as their “Today’s Baked Cookie” which was really great. It had actual real banana in it, it was moist, sweet without being too sweet, great flavor!

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There was only 1 staff working when we went, and since it was not busy, there was no issue there. She was very friendly and polite, she won’t bother you until you want to have conversation with her. She seemed like she enjoy working there and meeting new people, and it is always good to see that. The only thing was that they didn’t have WiFi, so if you need to be on your computer or iPhone, it is not so great.. but then again, it is great to completely be unplugged, have a real quality time with the ones you love!

Rainy Day Bookstore & Cafe – 2 Chome−21−28, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031, Japan

Rainy Day Bookstore & Cafe – 東京都港区西麻布2-21-28-B1F

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