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I have been to several weddings, but the food served at the weddings are almost always NOT the priority. Therefore, naturally, you won’t really find an amazing food at a wedding. However, when you go to a wedding of a major foodie, you will get to have pretty awesome food, desserts, and drinks!

At this wedding, Ryan Brown Catering from Brooklyn provided food and cocktails. They use local, organic, and grass-fed beef, directly from farms as much as they can, so their food is healthier, and it tastes better.

Their Hors D’Oeuvres were consisted of:

  • Smoked salmon in cucumber cup with purple amaranth
  • Macaroni and cheese bites with day boat Maine lobster
  • Beef short ribs braised in Long Island Merlot on Bloominghill Farm polenta round
  • Miniature lamb meatballs with Greek yogurt, tahini, and mint
  • Crispy potato cakes with black truffle mayonnaise

RB 3 RB 8 RB 9

The Cucumber one had this very smooth smoked salmon, and the cucumber itself made it so refreshing. Mac & Cheese had small chunks of lobster, yet not been overwhelmed by the mac & cheese, they went very well together while enhancing the flavor of each ingredient. Short ribs were shredded and had strong flavor, so even though they were small, the flavor was big (and tasty)!

RB 4 RB 7 RB 6

Lamb meatballs were perfectly cooked, without being dry. Still juicy in the inside, and the creamy dip went perfectly with the flavor. Potato cakes were my favorite of all, surprisingly. It was packed with flavor! Had a nice crispy outside, with softness in the inside, I don’t know how they made this, but it was so tasty, so addictive! Overall, every single item of the Hors D’Oeuvres were delicious, amazing, and beautifully created/plated.

RB 10 RB 5

They had 2 signature cocktails (on top of wine and beer): Strawberry “French 75”s with strawberry puree, sloe gin, & rosee champagne, and Cucumber cooler with Vodka, elderflower liqueur, cucumber juice, cucumber soda, agave, & mint. They not only looked great, but tasted even better! I really loved the cucumber cooler, it was sweet, minty, refreshing… If I could have endless supply of this drinks and I will be happy for the rest of my life… The strawberry one was nice also, if you prefer something that is less sweet, you will like this one. Both were very high quality, well made, each time.

View More: http://megmillerphotography.pass.us/junkoandpaul RB 11

The dinner was comprised of 2 courses, with the first course being house made ricotta gnocchi with brown butter, parmesan, spring peas, asparagus and artichokes.  It had nice cheesy flavor that went well with all the greens. The asparagus and artichokes were cooked right, without being too tough or mushy. I think the brown butter added extra sweet flavor, it was a great dish.

The second course had the choice of Fish, Chicken, or Vegetarian, and I chose fish. It was Branzino with bouillabaisse sauce, littleneck clams, seared shrimp, and saffron crouton. The fish was much bigger than I thought, with lots of clams and plump shrimps. The sauce was flavorful without being too tangy or oily, the fish was flaky yet juicy, it was really excellent! I’ve had fish at other weddings, but none came out this good, actually, they usually come out pretty bad… So, this was such a happy surprise!

RB 14

At this point, I had nothing but high hopes for desserts, and they did NOT let me down! They offered;

  • Tiny strawberry shortcakes on buttermilk biscuits
  • Matcha cake with lavender whipped cream
  • Miniature ice cream cones with trio of gelato—mascarpone, chocolate, and pistachio
  • Chocolate–‐hazelnut mousse in a pretzel cup

RB 17 RB 18  RB 15

Each dessert was mouthwatering, super tasty, made to perfection. Again, they create each menu so beautifully, it is almost too pretty to eat, but then it taste even better! My sister used to be a pastry chef, and she was amazed of how delicious everything was, so that is really something!

So, if you are planning a big (or small) event, and want to “wow” everyone, then you might want to consider Ryan Brown Catering. They are wonderful people, polite, kind, and work really hard to make your event perfect! Well, at least the food part, if nothing else! It will sure to be memorable!

Ryan Brown Catering – Brooklyn, NY – ryanbrowncatering.com

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