In NYC, you can get access to authentic, tasty food from all over the world. If you are in a mood for Vietnamese food, I suggest you head over to Saiguette. They are my favorite Vietnamese restaurant (so far) in the city. It is a small place, but has some seating, but the stools (which are bolted down on the floor) are not comfortable… It is mainly take-out and delivery spot, I actually have never eaten inside.

 Saiguette 01

We usually order food for take-out. The staff there are pretty efficient, and the food comes out fast, but it is even better to call in for order on your way there, so that about the time you get there, it is all ready (usually, the food is ready in about 15 min, depends on what you order).

This time, we ordered Nem-Chao with Steamed Shrimp ($7). Nem-Chao is there Summer Roll, comes with soft, unfried rice wrap with lettuce, bean sprouts, herbs, vermicelli, and big steamed shrimp.  Dip it in their peanut hoisin sauce, and you are good to go! The sauce has a nice kick to it, the roll is very fresh, really great appetizer. The rice wrapper is a bit sticky, and they can stick to each other…so be careful not to rip it before you eat them, otherwise they can come apart.

My favorite item is their Roast Pork Shoulder ($10.50), which comes with fillet of pork shoulders marinated in our home made roast pork sauce, pickled cucumber & carrots, tomato, fresh cucumber, choice of rice, and sweet chili lime sauce on the side. As for rice, you can choose white rice, brown rice, or sticky rice. I chose sticky rice, which has a hint of sweetness to it. The first photo might look like the portion is not so much, but the second photo, it is less than half the container on the plate. It is really nice, generous amount, and soooooo tasty! The pork is tender, juicy, and filled with flavor. It is so good! And the pickled cucumber and carrots are perfect compliments to the pork. It is really filling, and amazingly delicious.

Saiguette 07 Saiguette 09

The food taste great, no matter what you order, and the service is quick, and price is right. What more can you ask for? A quick tip – if you go there during lunch hours on Mon-Fri, you get 10% off automatically! Definitely one of my go-to place for a long while.

Saiguette – 935 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10025

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