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One thing you can count on when it comes to Harajuku is that you can always get a good crepe anywhere. There are so many crepe stores on the main street of Harajuku, the only issue will be how to decide which crepe stores are you going to get your crepe from..? Compare to when I was just a high school student, the number of crepe stores in Harajuku has just gone crazy. Not only there are so many stores, but also, there are several location of the same crepe store within the short distance from each other as well. One or some of them will have a long line, while another location (of the same store) will have no line. So, don’t get swayed by the line, just go look at the menu and decide on which crepe you want.

SMC 01

After some research (looking at crepe menu from several different crepe stores), we decided on Santa Monica Crepes. It had good selection and variety of crepes, and also the price was slightly cheaper than the other stores we were looking at. They are hard to miss, with their bright pink colors with shiny neon lights…

SMC 00

Speaking of menu, they make it very easy to see what kind of crepes they have. They have photo of each crepe, and in addition to that, they have wax replica of the crepe, so you can really see what it will be like in the inside before it is rolled up. I wish every restaurant in every country would do this, it will make ordering so much easier… And yes, the description of whats inside is indicated in Japanese and English. You can simply order by saying which number it is, and they will make the crepes right there and then.

SMC 03 SMC 04

After you decide which one to order out of over 100 variety of crepes, it will be made to order in front of you, with a thin batter, cooked on a griddle, filled with your topping of choice, then folded carefully. We ordered Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream (#71) and Macha Cheesecake Special & Macha Whip Cream (#100).  Things that have advanced since my high school time is not just the number of crepe stores, but also the types and choice of crepes that are available today. I mean, cheesecake in the crepe? Come on. It is like getting as much sweets and desserts inside the crepe as possible. All sorts of crazy combination, just put them all in there. You want to get some serious sugar high? No problem! So, they created the perfect crepes pretty quickly, it is really a masterwork, I don’t know how they do so quickly, so perfectly… Both crepes were really great. the crepes were thin, crispy but soft and moist, and the filling were really awesome, Macha one also has Macha ice cream in the inside, and the cheese cake was sitting there, peeking out on the top. It does require a spoon, it is no longer the kind of crepe that you can just bite into.

SMC 07

I think when you are in Harajuku, you can’t leave without getting one crazy crepe, you really have to have that experience. I like Santa Monica because of their extensive menu, and its price. Most places have something similar, but Santa Monica Crepes really brings it, and it is good quality and get you to that sugar high and happiness. So, when you go to Harajuku next time, don’t end you trip with the eccentric fashion only, make sure to add crepe on your itinerary!

Santa Monica Crepes Harajuku – 1-16-8 Jingumae, Maperu Harajuku, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

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