Shinpo Korean Eatery #2

This is our second visit to this eatery (you can read about it here: This time, we made sure to come after 11am, so that we can order from the regular menu, and not restricted to their small morning menu. The regular menu is also limited, but pretty enticing to us. Out of all, the one that looked most appetizing to me was their hamburg steak.

Korean Style Hamburger Steak ($8.95) comes with rice, veggies and a soup. It looks very similar to the hamburg steak that we eat in Japan, so I was very excited to try this dish. It was a good sized dish, especially considering the low price tag.

I loved the sunny-side-up egg on the hamburg steak, made just the way I like it, giving me the perfect egg porn… It was awesome! And the hamburg steak was really good too, juicy and packed with flavor. Exactly what I wanted it to be, and they did not disappoint. The sweet sauce on it was great too, which also went great with the veggies. They had sautéed mushrooms, carrots and broccoli. They were cooked nicely, soft but still crunchy enough for good texture. They were even better with the sweet sauce off the hamburg steak.

The little cup of soup was a surprise. I thought it was some of boring miso soup or something similar. One sip, I was hit with an amazing flavor! It was actually a soup make with beef broth. It had such warm, deep flavor and warmed me up from the inside. It was a great little cup of soup!

We also ordered another dish to share, Steamed Dumplings ($6.95). It was again a really nice portion, more than enough to share. They also have fried version of this, but I wanted a steamed one.

And they were pretty good, better than I expected. It came with 10 pieces of dumplings, as I said, more than enough to share between the two of us. The skin was not too thick but nice and thin, and steamed to perfection. And I liked the silver container that came with it. It kept the dumplings nice and hot.

They were soft, tender, and with juicy and delicious filling. It went great with the dipping sauce came with it. And for less than a dollar piece! I am thinking this place is becoming one of my favorite spots in Fort Lee…

The staff again was nice and polite, and the place was sparkling clean as before. The food was great, we enjoyed every bite. The price point is even more awesome, and it turned out to be a perfect lunch spot! I am not familiar with some of other menu offerings, but I am pretty confident they will be great, no matter what we order. I will be going back again for more delicious food for sure!


Shinpo Korean Eatery – 214 Main St., Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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