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Great thing about visiting major tourist spots during off season is the peace & quite you get with much less people. The hard part is to find a restaurant that is open year-round, no matter the peak or off-peak season. In Cape Cod, one of the oldest and most loved restaurant by the locals (mainly the seniors) is the Silver Lounge Restaurant. They have been serving seafood, steaks, sandwiches and other comfort food to the locals and visitors alike every day since 1938. I’ve visited this restaurant a handful of times, and it is one of our favorite spots to visit in the Cape.

There is a red train caboose attached to the restaurant, and have parking at front and back of the restaurant.

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There is a rather large waiting area from the outside door to the restaurant door, which is a good thing to have if the restaurant is packed, and is pouring rain or something. Luckily, I have never been there during the peak season, so it is always easy to get a table.

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The inside is rather large, with red checkered table clothes and nice comfy booth seats. They also have a bright bar with friendly bartender. They have authentic nautical artifacts everywhere, from the wall to the ceilings, it is really interesting to look around. I hear Most of them are antiques, collected over the years. The most interesting part is their wood wall paneling – driftwood picked up from the local beaches!

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The dining area is roughly divided in 2 sections, one bigger than the other. But yet, with enough opening space on the wall, you can still see the entire restaurant from one corner to the other, maintaining the feeling of large, open space throughout. It is always lively with the locals and it seem to have plenty of loyal customers who have been dining there for many years ago.

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So, I mentioned that there is a red train caboose attached to this restaurant, and it also serves great purpose, as a dining car (mainly for children and family). I have never had the opportunity to dine in there, but it looked so much fun! The inside the caboose is not large, but it had 2 levels, having booth on both bottom and top sections.

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For the food, it is always better to have seafood in the Cape, since they have great variety and are fresh. So, we started off with the complimentary bread, nothing fancy, just regular soft rolls with butter. They are not into “fancy” stuff, just good, solid food without any extra bling.

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We ordered Baked Seafood Casserole Supreme ($21.95) and Lobster Grilled Cheese ($24.95). The casserole came with Scrod, Sea Scallops, Shrimp & Lobster, topped with house seasoned crumbs. It also comes with tossed salad and baked potato. The salad is a nice size, not one of those tiny side salad here. The salad dressing of your choice comes in a small paper cup, old-fashion style (?). The casserole comes to you SUPER hot, so make sure to check the temperature of the food before you put it in your mouth to avoid getting burnt! The baked potato comes wrapped in an aluminum foil, again, no fancy-ness here. The potato also comes pretty hot, just good-old comfy style.

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The casserole is packed with seafood, and is freaking awesome! You might think $21.95 for lunch item is a bit pricey, and maybe it is, but it really is worth it with the amount of high quality seafood in it. Can you see the huge piece of lobster here? It has quite the nice size of fish, scallops, shrimp and lobster, not one of those where you say “I don’t know what this tiny little piece is?” because these are big pieces, easily identifiable. Super juicy, great flavor, warm you up from the inside. The casserole itself might not be a large portion, but with nice sized salad and a big baked potato, it is very filling.

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The Lobster Grilled Cheese is another fantastic option. It comes with 5 oz. of tail and claw, with Havati cheese on garlic grilled sour dough bread. Also come with chips, cole slaw, and kosher pickle. Yes, it is not cheap, but if you see how much of huge lobster pieces are in there, you will see why. It has sooooo much big chunks of lobster in it, and is super delicious! I had it once before, and it is still amazing as it was the first time. It was juicy, cheesy, bread was nicely grilled without getting too hard, still buttery. Really delicious!

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What’s more exciting than a great meal is getting more than just the food from one place. They have a cute gift shop attached to the restaurant, where you can get to from inside the restaurant. it is called the Uncle Bill’s Country Store, and they offer unique gifts & collectibles, perfect to walk around after having a full stomach, or if you need to buy some gift for someone special – even if that “someone special” is really you! They have great range of things there, from cards, books, mugs, jams, clothes, decorative items, chocolates…name it and they will (probably) have it. Even if you are not going to buy anything, it is still fun to look around.

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So, when you are in the Cape and looking for one of those old-fashion, no-fuss kind of place with good comfy food, check out the Silver Lane Restaurant. With all that loyal local customers, you know they are doing something (or a lot of things) right. The service is slow, but mostly friendly, especially if you are with one of the locals. And then, after the meal, walk around the store next door to digest the good food, and maybe pick up a cute little something on your way out!

Silver Lounge Restaurant – 412 Route 28A, North Falmouth, MA

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