Starbucks Mini and Cookie Straw

Yes I do enjoy Starbucks drinks, and now that they have cookie straw, I had to go get me one! They are “rolled sweet wafer biscuit lined with rich chocolate ganache,” and mainly for frappuccino. They started out pairing it with S’mores frappuccino.  So, naturally, I got one with S’mores frappuccino, and the cookie straw is 95 cents each. Make sure to check before you buy one, some of them are broken. The cookie straw was super yummy, it went great with S’mores frappuccino! It had nice chocolate coating in the inside, so it is delicious on its own, and they are pretty big size. My frappuccino was Tall and you can see how the straw is really sticking out long. So it can be used for all the sizes they offer. if it is too long, just bite it off… it is so good!

SB1  SB3

Speaking of size,another new comer to Starbucks is the extra small size, Mini. If you just want a little taste of something, or that Tall is just too much for a “super quick” drink of something, now you can get a smaller drink than Tall. It is really cute, and having more option of the size is really cool.


The only complaint I have would be the service… I know many of the Starbucks have a reputation of bad service, especially in NYC, but this place really was horrible. The cashier was a sweetest older gentlemen, but the barista… younger woman, who was loud, full of bad attitude, and almost refused to make my drink which I already paid for… We had to ask for it 3 times, and took very, very long time. Other customers were really frustrated with her as well. Maybe she had a rough day, or maybe she hates her job. Whatever it was, it can really ruin your day if you let it. So, let’s just focus on a yummy drinks!!!

Starbucks – 120 East 87th Street, New York, NY 10128

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