STK Midtown #2

This is my second time visiting STK Midtown (you can read about my first visit to STK Midtown here:  and STK Orlando here: ). We had a really nice experience the first time, so we brought others to STK Midtown since they enjoy good steaks. Few of us ordered salad for appetizer. We had Autumn Chop Salad ($16), made with gorgonzola, apple, candies pecans and aged balsamic. Another salad we ordered was Blue Iceberg ($14), made with smoked bacon, blue cheese and cherry tomatoes. They were both very fresh, super crisp and tasty. The size of both salads were large, and the quality was high. Nice salads!

I remembered I liked their cocktails from my previous visits, so I decided to try another one of their cocktails. I went with Basil’Rita ($17), made with maestro dobel blanco, cointreau, basil, and fresh lime juice. It was strong and good, but not exactly what I expected. It was refreshing and I liked the basil flavor. A bit pricey but it sure was high quality.

Since there were four of us, we ordered some side dishes to share. We ordered Creamed Spinach ($13) and Asparagus ($14) for greens. The spinach was creamy without being too mushy, and I liked the crunchy topping that added extra texture contrasting to the creamy texture. The asparagus had nice crunchy texture, with each asparagus being thick, healthy and strong.

We ordered two more side dishes, and both happened to be potatoes. The first one was one of my favorite side dishes here, Parmesan Truffle Fries ($13). They are not your usual fries, but a perfect rectangular bricks piled up like a pyramid. They had such wonderful aroma of truffle, and each fries had nice truffle flavor. I really like them! The other potato appetizer we ordered was Creamy Yukon Potatoes ($12). It is basically mashed potatoes. It was creamy and velvety, rich and buttery without being too buttery.

For main, we all ordered steak from their steak menu. They have a good steak menu with nice selections, and the fun part is a “toppings” part of the menu. I ordered Skirt Steak 8 oz ($30) from their “Small” menu, with Truffle Butter topping ($10). The amount I received was pretty big in my opinion. The steak was nicely sliced and topped with a beautiful crown of truffle butter.

I ordered my steak medium rare, and they cooked it just the way I like. The exterior was cooked completely, to the point it was almost charred, and the middle was still nice and pink. It was really nice steak, tender and juicy, packed with flavor. The truffle butter brought the steak to the next level…

My hubby and another guest ordered from the special menu of the day, Prime Rib Cap ($52). My hubby added Truffle Butter topping ($10) as well, since we both love truffles. It was a big block of steak, cooked just the way they ordered them. It might look small on the photo, but it was pretty big. Meaty, juicy, and very satisfying.

The last guest ordered Filet Medallion 6 oz ($39) without any topping. This one also was a nice block of steak, cooked just right and again, tender, juicy and packed with flavor. All of us enjoyed the steak and side dishes very, very much.

For dessert, we each ordered something different. The first one up was Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie ($12), made with caramel sauce, hot fudge, and vanilla ice cream. It was much bigger than I thought it would be, and came in a hot skillet to keep the huge cookie warm. Even thought it was big, it disappeared really quick. Yes, it was that good.

Another dessert ordered was Sticky Toffee Pudding ($13), made with toffee sauce, candy caramel tuile, and sweet cream ice. It was rich and heavy, elegant but very sweet. It was more on the small side, which was good since it had lots of sugar.

Those were the food desserts. The rest was drink orders, such as Herbal Tea ($4) and Cappuccino ($5.50). I actually went with Limoncello ($13) as my dessert. It was really nice, sweet, lemony, great dessert drink.

We all enjoyed our dinner here at STK, the food and drinks were great. The only negative was the service. For the first time, I received a really bad service here, which was very disappointing, especially when we were bringing guests with us… I remembered how great the service was before, when we were being taken care of by female server. The same could be said at the STK Orlando as well. But, this time, we had a male server and he had bad attitude, and was rather rude. He did not come check on us much at all, we had to constantly look for him or ask other staff to get him for us whenever we needed something. It made our experience here at STK Midtown a bit sour… I wish if we had better server who was willing to assist us, and eager to do his job. I hope they will get better servers so that we don’t have to worry about this issue the next time we bring someone to this restaurant.


STK Midtown – 1114 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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