Sweet Life Pastry

We discovered this cute little pastry shop, where they offer fresh pastries and Mexican food.  I was just looking for some afternoon sweets, so the name “Sweet Life Pastry” sounded like a perfect fit.


The inside was small, with a few table seating, but seems like not many people actually eat in, so should not have much issue finding a seat. The walls had cute and festive paintings with their offerings such as coffee, natural juice, custom cakes, etc. When we walked in, a delivery guy was waiting with his bike, and as soon as the delivery order was done, we was off with his bike.

IMG_3062 IMG_3054

They had some baked goods to the left, such as sweet bread, pound cake, and cookies.  On the right, below the counter was the refrigerated window showcase with cakes, other desserts, and drinks. Everything looked good… they had several kinds of cheesecake, so we asked the female staff which one is most popular, and she said the “Oreo one” so we went with that. And, we got couple of other ones.

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We ended up getting Concha ($1), Oreo Cheesecake ($4.75), and Choco Velvet Flan ($4.50). The Concha is a sweet bread from Mexico. The name Conchas means shells, therefore, it has shell-like shape, and sugar shell pattern on the top. I heard this is one of the most famous Mexican pastries. It reminded me of one of the typical Japanese sweet bread called Melonpan. If you are not familiar with Melonpan, it is made from an enriched dough covered in a thin layer of crisp cookie dough. Their appearance resembles a melon, like a Cantaloupe. I put the photo of Melonpan just so you can see it also! They look kinda similar, don’t they? This was my first time trying Concha, and it was pretty good. It was thick, dense bread, with nice sweet crumbles on top. And for $1, you can’t beat it!


The Oreo Cheesecake was very dense, with good amount of Oreo bits. It might be a bit too dense for me, I prefer more of a smooth, creamy kind. It was tasty though. It certainly fill you up, with such density, made it pretty heavy. The Choco Velvet Flan was one of the most interesting item they had (to me). It seemed like the cake for “indecisive people” who wants it all. With this, you get to have chocolate cake, red velvet cake, and flan, all in one!!! How awesome is that? It was pretty tasty! I loved the velvet cake, and flan was very nice, not overly sweet, nice firm consistency, and the frosting was really nice, creamy, and light. The chocolate cake, being that it is set on the bottom, it was thick and dense, but had nice flavor.

IMG_3059 IMG_3058

Another great thing was that with Yelp check-in (first time only), you get free small coffee! So we definitely took advantage of that. And it was good, solid, smooth coffee.


The female staff was nice, not too friendly but she was nice enough to give both my husband and I free coffee (we both checked in separately on our phones), since we were buying more than 1 item. It was such a cute spot, and seems like they offer so much more than just pastries and bread, I would like to go back for their Mexican dishes, I hear huevos rancheros are pretty great here.

Sweet Life Pastry – 3887 Broadway, New York, NY 10032


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