I feel like Williamsburg takes coffee seriously. There are few spots there that has pretty awesome coffee. And they have a nice parks there as well, it is a place to be these days…

We went to Sweetleaf on one weekend. It is set inside a nice large red brick building, and large windows. In the inside, it has lots and lots of seating, cool decor, nice big open space.  It has blend of big comfy chairs, European café seating and communal tables.



We ordered their Signature drinks, Rocket Fuel and Voodoo Child. They are both iced drinks, and Rocket Fuel ($4.50) and is cold-brewed coffee with chicory, maple syrup & milk. The Voodoo Child ($4.75) is vietnamese style cold brew, sweet & creamy. They were both VERY strong, and also the sweeteners also had really strong flavors. They were pre-made in bulk, and get poured into a cup… that was kind of disappointing. We thought it would be made to order… The each ingredients in the cup was so strong that they were fighting against each other, instead of working together.  So, the taste was kind of odd, and we didn’t really enjoy the drink.


The service was not great either. They didn’t even tell us which was which drink, and the person handed them to us said “I don’t know” so we had to ask the person who filled the drinks into the cup. Really.

The interior and setting is really nice and beautiful, but the drink and especially the customer service can use a little more polishing. Maybe their regular coffee taste great, but I don’t think we would go back there with that kind of bad service and attitude.

Sweetleaf – 135 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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